MEP Mix n Play with Science Gifted in Sat Activity Day

MEP and Sci Gifted students collaborated together in a Moana Theme activity. That is, in mix groups they created the boat and portrayed Moana and Maui characters of the iconic cartoon movie.

The 2-hour program was designed to give ease, entertainment and learning to the participants in a different ENGLISH LANGUAGE environment . Afterwards, best Moana and Maui were chosen, as well as, rewarding the best pointers in all group tasks.

Finally, it is fair to say that everyone did a great job!

MEP-SEP with Indonesian Exchange Student Teachers

A great learning opportunity was given to our MEP-SEP students with the Indonesian Exchange student teachers. Not only that, students were also able to show to the teachers the values and culture of being a student in Thailand. At the same time, teachers also shared their Indonesian games by integrating it in their practice teaching sessions. In other words, both the teachers and students were able to exchange each others culture and lifestyle. Let’s meet them! 

Above is Teacher Aman Apriadi (T. Aman) from University of Halu Oleo, Indonesia.

And this is Teacher Riyadi Sujatimiko (T.Miko) from University of PGRI Yogyakarta.

Thank you to both of you and may you learned something here in our school that is worth sharing when you go back to Indonesia! Good luck to both of you!

MEP Students Joined Open House 2018

February 9, 2018 – NMK hosted an Open House to primary students (Grade 6) from different schools, aiming to introduce our school facilities and educational program. The activity included a written examination in the morning and a mini-exhibit of the schools different programs. Respective hosts set-up in booth displaying games, music and other program demos with the purpose of giving primary students the opportunity to get to know the programs more. Meanwhile, announcement of Top Examinee was also given in the afternoon, where primary student participants get the chance to get certificates and tokens.

As for MEP- Foreign Language Department booths, our in-house MEP and SEP students  helped out in facilitating the ‘Fortune Cookie” BINGO and GUESS WHAT? activities. Every one enjoyed and  again it was another memorable experience for MEP-SEP students.


More of MEP-SEP Eng-Camp 2018

Its another day with more of the updates from MEP-SEP Camp at Moment Villa Resort, Rayong. We’ve got pool time party for our students where everybody got the chance to dip into the cool water. From the wondrous water actions of our students…

To the watchful teachers of English Navigator who were chilling on their cozy inflatables sofa by the pool….

English Camp (2)_๑๘๐๑๑๕_0025

Down to the mellow and relaxing Songkran Theme of both the students and the teachers….

To mention the interactive moments of the students, having some refreshing time but without forgetting learning. For instance, group work for all!

By the way, the camp was not only all about fun and happy moments. In fact, it was also added with a memorable and sentimental students’ bonding which was a bit teary… but it felt good.

Well, its been said before, MEP-SEP is like a one big family. And like any other family, there will always be a moment of tear and joy. Yet, in the end we will remain as one big happy FAMILY. And for that you all deserve an award! Here you go!

And for the finale, everybody had the Frost Moments which definitely cheered up the MEPians and SEPians!




MEP-SEP’s New Year Eng-Camp

One of the highlights and traditions of being in MEP-SEP program is the English Camp. And for this year, 2018, the whole MEP family and the SEP’s M5/3 head to Rayong for the New Year’s English Bash.

Variety of activities awaits our excited MEP students and SEP students, prepared by the group of the young and enthusiastic camp foreign teachers. Here are some photo updates of the MEPians and SEPians activities:

“The Beach Moments”

“The Interactive Moments”

“Getting-to-Know You ”

“Hug Moments”

“The Foreign Language Team”


Awesome! Let’s keep updated for more of MEP’s and SEP’s English Camp’s activities!

MEP-SEP Open House 2017

1 December 2017 – The “Big Day” for all the students of MEP and SEP, the culminating Open House of all the students’ outputs and achievements. The program chose the theme “EngTalk”, which symbolizes and represents the sole purpose of the activity, i.e. to showcase the students’ speaking achievements and others. The celebration started with the opening ceremony headed by the school director and the head of the FLD. Student’s hosts were shining in their formal school uniform as they paved their ways to the rostrum to formally talk about the show’s aim.

Student’s speakers were looking optimistic as they rose on stage to speak out their opinions, ideas and visions for the future of MEP-SEP. Not only that, they amazingly pulled it off, speaking like the future politicians and inspirational speakers of MEP-SEP. They are indeed the living output and examples of what MEP-SEP have worked for all these years.

Nine of M4/3 Speaking on Ways to Upgrade MEP-SEP.
Tam of M3/12 on Upgrading MEP and SEP.
MEPSEP OPENHOUSE2017_171203_0035
Pang of M6/3 on his testimony of MEP-SEP Learning!
Aun of M6/3 on his MEP-SEP Journey!
Time of M6/3 on his personal English Learning experience.

What’s more! An Eng-Talk Show entertainment was also shown with the wonderful sequencing of the M3/12 and collaborated with the M1/12. In fact, they sequenced and arranged the whole talk show by themselves which is why they are worth a thousand claps.

And the show would be incomplete without knowing the student achievers of MEP and SEP. It is because these students have devoted their all time effort to represent the program by competing in the EP and MEP Open House.


And as said during the show, MEP and SEP is not only about academic but even have the sense of fashion.

Ming of M1/12 and Print of M6/3
Jinny of M3/12 (Miss Scice Fahsion Re-use) and Boss of M6/3
Arpo & Aee of M1/12

Adding more to the fun is the YMCA Dance tradition, handed from the old MEP-ians generation up to the recent.

If boys rocks on stage with their very entertaining dance number, girls also got their own savory “The Show” Version preceded with a classy “Come Little Children” Violin Solo.

The Output Showcasing started the introduction of the Academic booth followed by the Fun Booths.

As the booth fun goes on, the live MEP and SEP band never disappoints the crowd with their hit music entertainment.

The entire day progressed with much fun and merriment, that even the teacher get along with the hyper ambiance, letting go with songs and mix in with students.

In a nutshell, the “MEP-SEP Open House 2017” was indeed happy and full of fun, as to whether it is successful, I leave it up to the attendee’s heart, on how they felt towards the activity. But one thing for sure, it all ends with the “most and much” of both the teacher’s and student’s effort and collaboration. Our sincere thanks to the visiting guests and visitors during the activity. And most of all a million thanks to the parents for their undying support and cooperation. With you, together we can move mountains! Like we said, we are MEP-SEP! We are a family!

NMK Celebrates Sports Day

23 – 24 November 2017 – NMK tossed a two day sports festival that smashed the whole school with much. Started with a grand parade, lighting of the sports torch and the introduction of all the participating teams; Blue Team, Orange Team, Green Team, Pink Team and the Yellow Team.

Each teams waved their muses carrying the team’s banner followed along the portrayal of the team’s theme.

All our MEP and SEP students actively participated despite of what team they’re in. The celebration came into full blast when cheer-leading competition started.

Variety of sports competition were also soaring in the NMK’s atmosphere. Student’s kinesthetic abilities and sport skills were at total full bars.

The whole event was summed up by the singing of the “Auld Lang Syne” where all teams gathered in circle with hands held on each other, that despite of the result of the event, the spirit of sportsmanship will always prevail. Needles to say, the activity was indeed fun and a good break for both NMK student’s and staffs.



SEP Day Trip!

16 November 2017: Teachers and SEP students ride on for a Day-Trip! Let’s check what do SEP students have to say about their trip?

Today was a special day for the SEP students. 1 day trip. Our first destination was Pattaya floating market. It was beautiful there. A perfect place to go to to witness the Thai beauty and culture. After that we went to Ripley’s Believe it or not. And believe it or not it was actually fun there we all had fun. Lots of laughs and giggles throughout the day. Me and my friends were terrified to enter the haunted house but we gathered all our guts together and we went in. It was a wonderful trip. Our last m6 trip and the best one. The memory will be cherished forever.(Peung M6/3)

Today our destination is Pattaya. First we go sightseeing at floating market, the cultural diversity place of each Thai regions. Then we visit to Ripley’s Believe It or Not. There are a lot of wonderful playthings and what I like the most is a dark mirror room with the colorful light, Infinity Maze. Which is very appealing for taking a photo. (Namking M6/3)

We went to Pattaya Floating Market shopping and took a boat for see the market view and all the way I saw a lot of Chinese tourist after I finished boating. Me and my friends walking on the bridge a Taiwan traveler he wanted to take a photo with us and said you look like my daughter she is 16 years old after that I wish him “Have a good day” and had lunch. In afternoon we went to Ripley’s (like small amusement park ) for playing Ripley’s Haunted adventure (Scream park) we all tried to escape the ghosts and Infinity Maze me and my friends had to find the exit it was fun very much. In 12D Movie Theater I went to watch a short movie (like 4D but called 12D) in “Ripley’s believe it or Not” museum I saw the history of weird people who have amazing talent such as The man who can broke the rod by used his hair and the man who can blow the balloon by used his eyes. And then we went back to school and went home. (Millie M6/3)

In the morning, we went to Pattaya Floating Market. It is supposed to be an interview with tourists in English, but there are lots of Chinese and Thai tourists instead of English tourists. So, only some had interviewed with tourists. In the afternoon, we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum. There are a lot of activities, such as Haunted Adventure, which we have to run for our life and escaping from zombies and ghosts. Also, there are lots of stunning effects and unbelievable tricks in there. It was such a really great experience to be here, it was also very fun to play with my friends and seniors. (Nine M4/3)

Today we went to Pattaya for playing. I like this visual reality! It very fun!! It so real I like it.  Haunted adventure we had to escape the ghosts so scary and it was fun to go and played with friends. I can said that today I’m so happy. (Salai M6/3)

Today I went to “Talardnam see pak” at the morning I have to interview the traveler that come from other countries but there are only traveler from China. They cannot speak English so I walk around floating market then I saw 1 group of   American people they’re very kind and friendly then we take a photo together then I went to Ripley world of Entertainment Pattaya it’s so scary because there is hunted so I didn’t come to that while I wait my friends I went to Ripley museum with ploy, punya and one teacher then I play other place when finish I buy food and eat then we went to place to buy food back home we buy some snacks and sweets then I go back to school. (Alissa M4/3)

In the morning I went to the water market to interview foreigners, but I wasn’t able to interview anyone because most tourist are Chinese and they can’t speak English. In the afternoon, I went to Ripley to play. It was very fun! (Yau-yau M4/3)

Daytrip id very fun. In the morning, we went to Pattaya Floating Market, the market is separated four sections. We shopped, ate delicious food and we had lot of fun there.      In the afternoon we went to Ripley’s Pattaya. This place was amazing, there are many things you can enjoy and i really love Ripley’s scream in the dark. (Bow M6/3)

Today I went to the floating market and Ripley in Pattaya city near Pattaya beach with SEP class Mattayom 4-6 I walk in floating market from 9am to 11am and I play Haunted Adventure, Scream Dark and infinity maze in Ripley Pattaya in return to home we dance in car have very fun  it so good trip for me. (Anonymous M6/3)

Today I have been  Floating Market at Pattaya in which there are many foreigners and most are Chinese people. I think that foods are very delicious. The second place I visited was the department store and I saw that there are a lot of games. I was impress of Ghost House because it made me and my friends felt terrible. It’s such a fantastic game.(Jam M6/3)

Today I went to floating market at Pattaya. There my friends and I enjoy the view by boat that have many food and things to buy. We were very fun with it. After that we went to “Ripley’s Believe it or not!” In this place had many game to play but the game that I like the most is “Haunted house” Because it very horrible and thrilled however I can overcome my fears and had fun with my friends too. (Ing-ing M6/3)

Today I went to Pattaya and went to the floating market .The floating market has many food and many people .So next we go to Ripley pattaya .it near central pattaya. I played many game .I like scream dark game it really fun. If I have time. I want to go again. (Domon M6/3)

Today’s trip is the best one day trip so far. We went to Pattaya floating market, we get to see the beauty of old architecture. We also bought some old-school board game “monopoly” which is really rare for nowadays. In the after noon we went to Ripley’s Believe it or not, there are a lot of cool stuff I played but the best one was Haunted Adventure. Normally I don’t fall for jump-scares but this one did it. It was fun and a little scary I really liked it a lot and I would say today’s day trip is the best day trip ever…10/10 for me. (Time M6/3)

Today in the morning we went to Pattaya Floating Market shopping we took a boat for see the market view and shopping with my friends. My favorite part is when I took a boat and saw a lot of people all around that made me feel great. ln the afternoon we went to Ripley’s. We played all of activities in there but my favorite is Haunted adventure because it made me feel scare and I scream out loud all the played time I feel like I’m going to die because of exhausted when I running to get out of there I really like this day trip. (Fhay M6/3)

This one day trip destination is Pattaya. In the morning we went to Pattaya Floating Market which has many things to bought like food, desert and keepsake. It was a beautiful place. In the afternoon, we went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. I like haunted adventure the most. This is my last trip in this school. I won’t forget it😭 (Benz M6/3)

Today i went to Pattaya. We went to the floating market has a lot of foreigners. Mostly Chinese. I took a boat with my friend. It’s very exciting because I’m afraid of falling in water. The market has a strange eating like Crocodile meat and ostrich meat. Next we go to Ripley Pattaya. I played scream dark, it was scary, I was screaming all the way. This trip is fun and exciting. (Kan M6/3)

Today we went to floating market. I went to shopping there is a lot of things to buy and the weather so very hot today I met Taiwan traveler he want to took a photo with me and my friends. We asked why he want to took a photo with us he said we are look like her daughter. In the afternoon I went to Ripley’s and my friends force me to played scream dark with them. During the playtime I closed my eyes all the playtime. and then I went the museum for learning then back home. (Shana M6/3)

Yesterday I came to the floating market There are plenty of things to eat and souvenirs I have met foreigners Do not know what country she is But she was very kind Allowed me to take pictures I am very happy with this tour If I have the opportunity, I want to go to the floating market Thank you 😍💗 (Benz M4/3)

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