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NMK International Week 2018

MEP and SEP join the International Week 2018. Along with other foreign languages, MEP&SEP participate bearing the American theme. Here are the best of MEP&SEP International Week jam.

A showcase of MEP AND SEP’s bests , i.e. Engtalk speaker Gut of M1/12 talking about why “English is Important”.

What’s more! Academic Arts and Craft’s Skit Team also shows off their award winning piece. Of course, they’re No. 1.

During the Foreign Languages Parade the USA TEAM starts with the graceful wavering of the Star- Spangled Banner, the American flag.

What’s next? Of course, here comes the beauties of MEP and SEP portraying freedom of women in America.

See, that’s what I’m talking about the display of “simplicity is beauty”.

Well so much for that, let’s check out the next in line.

Yes, you guess it right! That’s Barack Obama…i mean Ohm of M3/12 portraying the infamous US President accompanied by the ladies of Statue of Liberty and the inspiring and most catching letters, the U.S.A.

Alright now moving on to the next part.

Raise the roof for the MEP cheerleaders. In red and white, MEP girls truly hype up the audience mood to the tune of their Hey Mickey and their shining blue pom-poms!

The last but not the least, here comes the world renown American Superheroes!!!

Wow! They truly nailed it, their costumes make it real. SEP Superheroes YOU ROCK!!!

And for the finale, we got everyone singing “We’re All in this Together” as the activity’s official OST! 😊 Well done all! Big Congratulations!


On your English Notebook unlock and write the meaning of the following:

1. bearing

2. jam

3. award winning piece

4. the Star- Spangled Banner

5. “simplicity is beauty”

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D.I.Y. Wind Vane

For M1/12 weather experience we tried our D.I.Y. Wind Vane. Using simple and easy-to-get materials we set-up the basic wind vane in the classroom. Once done, we head outdoor to test if our D.I.Y. Wind Vanes are functional. 

Setting the Wind Vane

After setting up, we find locations where we can feel the wind. 

We think we found our spot!

Oh yeah! Finding suitable test spot is easy. Next, we wait for the wind and see if the is any sign of movements on our wind vanes then we record. 

We are recording, strike 1! 
Yes, we have to write down our 7 readings.
That’s right we have to do it 7 times in 7 different locations…just inside the campus.

Alas! We are done! It’s for our Science Class Selfie Moment! Hoorahhh!

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EngTalk 2018

This year we celebrate EngTalk 2018 in a very simple way but in an MEP-Family style. Joined by all MEPians we gather altogether in NMK’s school hall and celebrate our MEP EngTalk tradition.  

The Hosts: (From right to left.) Kaolad M3/12, Kaning M2/12, Arpo M2/12 and Fah M3/12)

Our NMK Academic Director is also present in the ceremony along with our FLD Head. 

NMK Academic Director
Miss Pattama Apicharoen-pan Head of FLD

Right after the opening of the EngTalk, select student speakers discuss and deliver their speeches focusing on the Theme: English is Important! 

Sun of M2/12
Gut of M1/12. 
The Speakers: (From Right to Left) Ohm M3/12, Roeve M3/12, Gut M1/12 and Sun M2/12
The Speakers: (From Right to Left) Bangpan M1/12 and Chorfa M2/12. 

Up next is the English Masters’ Quiz 2018. 

The Winners

And the last but not the least, the debut of “The Little Ducks Band”. 

 Arm on drums. 
Poosila and Stamp. 
The Little Ducks! 

The People Behind EngTalk2018 

The Teachers
The Parents
The Whole MEP Family! 
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Visiting Siam Niramit


Where are we going today? Hop in because MEP students will be visiting Siam Niramit- Bangkok.  Let’s go and check what activities are they enjoying inside!

Woohhh! First stop, feeding the elephants with cucumber. Great start! Just a quick trivia for you, did you know that elephants are vegetarian! If you don’t, now you just know! But, hmmm, where are the others!

Here they are! Gotcha! Playing some booth games. Good stuff! Let’s stroll more on what the others are up to.


Oh, here they are inside a Thai traditional village. In here you get to see, traditional houses with willows and bamboo stuffs. What’s more a mini lake where you get to feed the fishes. Feels like a refreshing countryside atmosphere!


And hey, others are also enjoying a friendly group chat by the shade! Awesome. And not only that, here’s more of some girl’s bit!

8401Siam Niramit_181116_0008Siam Niramit_181116_0007Siam Niramit_181116_0002

What a sight we have there! Oops, time to head to the theater. Let’s go and see what to expect in there.



Super wow! Million thumbs up! Students enjoying a spectacular Siam Niramit Show on their comfy red chairs. What’s more! A cameo from our very own MEP 2/12 student! Its more than what we expected. This trip as a whole is a Super 5 stars on everything!


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Academic Arts & Crafts 2018

NMK on their shining experience and performance at the Academic Arts and Crafts Competition 2018.

Skit Title: The Old Man and Technology (Upper Level )

Award: Gold Medal, Rank No. 1

Skit Title: Oasis Kingdom (Lower Level )

Award: Gold Medal, Rank No. 3

Storytelling Upper Level (Award: Gold Medal, Rank No. 7)


Storytelling Lower Level (Award: Gold Medal, Rank No. 1)


Impromtu Upper Level (Award: Silver Medal)


Impromptu Lower Level (Award: Silver Medal)


Multiskill Upper Level (Award: Silver Medal)

Multiskill Lower Level (Award: Silver Medal)

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Science @ Work

M1/12 hits on an outdoor experiment about heat! Along with T. Wa  M1/12 get the chance to test on what’s going to happen after a magnifying lens and paper is exposed under the sunlight for long period of time.

Students seem to be having a really fun time on their Heat Energy Experience with the magnifying lens!

But wait up, there’s more. Let’s go check out the pictures below.


This time students are experimenting on chemical or other household substances that we use every day and is or are good source of heat. For instance, yeast, hydrogen peroxide and others.

Good job M1/12! Keep it up and kudos T. Wa, welcome to NMK – MEP as well.

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Teamwork English

M1/12 is up for a a special treat today. Why is that so? Well, they got the chance to have fun outdoor in their English class. Second of all, they all got some bonding moments with their classmates.

So what exactly is that bonding moment? See for yourself.


Wow! Such a lovely exercise for a fine day! But, what was the activity all about? Here is how: First, they need to work together to form certain stunts that the teacher asked them to follow. The fastest group to execute the task will get corresponding points.



To be honest, M1/12 did really enjoy the activity although, it is a bit hard to execute the task sometimes. It is another happy bonding experience for M1/12!