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To Our Beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej

While staying in EV(EnglishVillage)-Yangpyeong Campus, we were impressed by everyone’s hospitality. In fact, we even met the humble EV President who greeted us “Sawadee-krub”(I hope my spelling is right), that was so surprising to us. Most of all, everybody never failed to pay their respect to the former Beloved King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

Even in this miles away land, every people we met will come to greet us and extend their heartfelt condolences. It was very surprising to us, yet, felt good for such a thoughtful gesture starting from the security guard of EV, to the admin staff of EV, the teachers and even ordinary staff. They never missed to say their hello’s and at the same time show their sympathy to the mourning of the nation.

Because of that, we ourselves also have not forgotten to show our respect and sadness despite we’re miles away from home.

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Good Habits

English Village- Yangpyeong Campus possess a beautiful nature, surrounded with misty mountain, healthy fresh air because of the abundant red-leaf trees with melodious singing birds that will make you sleep. In short, you will learn to appreciate and fall in love with nature every day. More to that, students will also learn to develop good simple habits. It may be simple, yet I felt it plays important role if we make it part of our lives. For example:

1. Keep an orderly line.

2. Lay low from too much cellphone time, and make “in-action” friends.

3. Last but not the least,learn to clean and keep your eating utensils. Do some food recycling.

If we all learn these simple good habits, I believe we can make the world a better place!!! ^\^

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Yangpyeong-Immigration Simulation

Hey guys! Did you know that in English Village – Yangpyeong Campus, all students joining the camp will first go through their “Immigration Simulation”. You’ll probably be thinking now, what it’s like? Well, don’t worry MEP-NMK students got the first-hand simulation experience. Let’s check out!

First of all, inside the campus, they do have this “Airport Style Building”. Students were led to queue in here and were given the English Village Passport like this one:

Tam and Jinny seems to be very excited with their passports. You see, they’re waving it! Okay, okay,  I got it…you’re officially English Village citizens now, I haftasay(have to say)! ^ ^

Up next, students will then wait for their turns to face the “immigration officers” (who were of course the English Village teachers). And, once you reached the “immigration officers” stand, they will then interview you series of conversational questions; “What’s your name?, What’s your purpose of coming here in English Village? etc. etc. It may sound very easy, but mind you , I believe that this is a good practice to check the students presence of mind and at the same time boost up their confidence to use the language. Get ready then, as we take few glimpses of how did it go with our MEP-NMK students. Were they scared? Did they panic…? But,,,ooops…

Meet Tanwa, facing his immigration officer (T. Britney). He seems to be very happy and confident while dealing with the simulation. Good job, Tanwa! Atta( What a)  boy!
Oh wow Sareena! She seems to be enjoying the talk too. So far so good!
Look… Jinny,,,she seems to be more glowing and prettier for a girl doing the simulation! I’m impressed!
Wait…even Alissa is confident and smiling too. Easy-peasy Japanesey!
This is the best of all time, Nut with the big smile! It looks to me that he is having a nice time chit-chatting..oops…I mean doing the interview. So proud smile! Well done Nut!

I wish I could show more candid shots of our MEP-NMK immigration simulation, but my blog site seems to have some bytes limit, (maybe – not quiet familiar with the technical computer terminology).Anyway, my point is I apologize for not showing more pictures and bits about this action. But, believe me, all our MEP-NMK students performed and showed not only their best but in fact, their superb job!

They did super dooper ultra mega to the max EXCELLENT job! I’m so proud of you guys! Perhaps I could shout to the world, I am one of their English Teachers, so, like students like teachers ^ ^ !!!

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Evening Camp Activities

Do you want to know what did our MEP students do during evening activities? Well, let me tell you, they totally had a lot of fun, even us teachers did have fun! See the evidences below.

Let’s take a look at the first activity we had; The Bubble Soccer- your mission is to knock your opponent done out of the marked lines. Once you did that, you win! Don’t worry, this didn’t hurt at all, imagine yourself being in a balloon and it seems like you’re just bouncing on and on.

Look! Teacher Becky the referee! Cool, FYI- T. Becky is the most famous teacher of Yangpyeong. In fact she has got her own blog for all her fans. Keep it up T. Becky.  

The next evening activity is the Mini-Olympics together with the Korean students. Not only that our students got the chance to have fun but at the same time they did meet new friends. They learned to say “Hello” in their own different languages. Quiet a start for good friendship!

Fun Korea_9121.jpg
Jinny and Amy aiming to take a bite of the chips. Grab it Jinny!!!

Up next is the Disco Night with again our dear Korean friends! Boys and girls getting into the groove of the viral song “Selfie”. Up on stage is T. Becky and T. Ricky together with the dance coach who took the lead to set the groove. Let’s see what we captured.

Opps! Gotcha, who’s that getting low, low, low! Was it Tam?Yes, indeed! Way to go!

And the next part, was the talent show. Boys prepared their Bruno Mars song- Lazy song followed by Thai song. While girls did some mix of piano and group singing. Not only that, we got Tam and Earn, the hosts of that night’s show.

From the left: Nut, Tanwa (so emotional on the mic), Junior, Gun and Kevin.                        Wave on guitar, Roeve on ram-yun drums…5.5.5.
                                    From the right: Jinny, Amy, Q, Amp (hiding behind Q), Stang, Ranya,                                                Alissa, Aim and Ice. Pugun on piano


Tam and Earn: the night’s hosts. 



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Morning Camp Routine

When in camp, students had to wake up early and be ready for their classes. But before doing so, they had to do their morning exercises and head to the cafeteria for a healthy breakfast.

T. Ricky with the boys doing their morning warm-up. 
T. Kiko with the girls with their morning warm-up. 
Everyone heading to the cafeteria for breakfast. 
In the morning, its a bit of a struggle with the misty cold weather. So better put on your MEP-NMK jackets boys. 
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MEP-NMK Road to South Korea 2016

14 October 2016 – The day of our  (MEP- NMK for Mini-English Program, Nawamindarajudis Krungthepmahanakhon School) departure. All our bags are packed and ready to go, met at Suvarnabhumi airport, JejuAir counter. Meeting point was very easy to find, and all our students and teachers scheduled to join the South Korea English Camp were all there already. Not much to prepare for here and there documents because Travel agent did all of these stuff for us, what we did was just fall on a queue and chit-chatting among each other. It went so smooth and the next thing we know we are all on board JejuAir waiting for take off. The moment our plane taxied on the lane and flew up and away, momentum of falling asleep came to all passengers on board.

IMG_20161015_080139.jpg25 October – 10am (Korea Time, Incheon Airport) – We arrived safely and was all ready to fall in line for Korean Immigration. It was agonizing considering the longest queue we’ve faced but at least we finished. IMG_20161015_080613.jpg

We are starving after finishing the immigration job. Lucky us that our contact people Mr. Tom and Ms. Kim from Gyeonggi English Village – Yangpyeong Camp were already there waiting for us. It was an easy-peasy way to find them because they were carrying Thai flag plus a supplementary banner having the name of the school.

15-10-2016_4957.jpgAnd definitely, they knew that we are hungry as a bear so they have us sat down into a Bibimbap-shop at Incheon Airport. Our 21 students were all craving for food, so all set food on the table was so delicious.


And of course, our first groupie pictures at the meeting zone!

Ms. Flora Kim with the Thai National Flag, Mr. Tom the guy behind the camera (who took this shot). From right below sitting on the floor:(Sareena, Noni, Pugun, Alissa, Amy, Aim, Earn, Jinny) From the left the standing row: T. Samrut, Amp, Stang, Ranya, Q, Ice, T. Pattama, Nut, Tam, Wave (with the blue backpack) & Kevin behind Wave, Tanwa, Gun, me (Teacher Ize) and Teacher Aum.




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Bus to Starfield

Its still 15th of October right after we got out from the airport. We get on board, English Village bus which was very comfy and accommodating. 15-10-2016_5549.jpg

Then we dropped by Starfield Hanam- which is considered to be the second largest shoipping mall in Seoul and is very famous these days. Lucky us! We got the chance to go on first-hand shopping to this so called “HOT” shopping mall.

Nut showing off his new Nike shoes!!! Weeewww!!!
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Arrival at English Village-Yangpyeong Camp

15 October 2016 (Sometime in the afternoon- Korea time) – The moment we set foot at English Village we were awed by the beauty of the nature. Its reddish, orange oak leaves lining along the campus way, seems like the trees were very welcoming and smiling to its visitors. It was so breathtaking, and we were mesmerized by its beauty. It was such a picturesque! 15-10-2016_8275.jpg

Immediately, we were assisted by the coolest EV (English Village) staffs, T. Kiko, T. Ricky and T. Becky . They escorted all of us to our designated guesthouses and assigned our roomies!

T. Kiko scanning on the room lists. 
T. Ricky assembling the boys in front of their guesthouse waiting for others. 

They gave us ample time to set our things and waited outside for our dear students to be ready for dinner down the cafeteria. Which was at first we find bland! But two days later, we changed our taste and we thought, it is delicious!

Given much time to fill our stomachs, both teachers and students were gathered together to join the orientation night talking about the rules and regulations about the camp, i.e. No CELLPHONES, No chit-chatting after 10pm, no eating snakcs inside the bedroom instead eat in the living room, and etc.

T. Pattama and T. Kiko explaining the camp riles and regulations to the students. 

Finally, we are all done for today! Time to hit back to our guesthouses and have some warm shower before bedtime! Let’s see what will tomorrow be.