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Arrival at English Village-Yangpyeong Camp

15 October 2016 (Sometime in the afternoon- Korea time) – The moment we set foot at English Village we were awed by the beauty of the nature. Its reddish, orange oak leaves lining along the campus way, seems like the trees were very welcoming and smiling to its visitors. It was so breathtaking, and we were mesmerized by its beauty. It was such a picturesque! 15-10-2016_8275.jpg

Immediately, we were assisted by the coolest EV (English Village) staffs, T. Kiko, T. Ricky and T. Becky . They escorted all of us to our designated guesthouses and assigned our roomies!

T. Kiko scanning on the room lists. 
T. Ricky assembling the boys in front of their guesthouse waiting for others. 

They gave us ample time to set our things and waited outside for our dear students to be ready for dinner down the cafeteria. Which was at first we find bland! But two days later, we changed our taste and we thought, it is delicious!

Given much time to fill our stomachs, both teachers and students were gathered together to join the orientation night talking about the rules and regulations about the camp, i.e. No CELLPHONES, No chit-chatting after 10pm, no eating snakcs inside the bedroom instead eat in the living room, and etc.

T. Pattama and T. Kiko explaining the camp riles and regulations to the students. 

Finally, we are all done for today! Time to hit back to our guesthouses and have some warm shower before bedtime! Let’s see what will tomorrow be.


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