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Yangpyeong-Immigration Simulation

Hey guys! Did you know that in English Village – Yangpyeong Campus, all students joining the camp will first go through their “Immigration Simulation”. You’ll probably be thinking now, what it’s like? Well, don’t worry MEP-NMK students got the first-hand simulation experience. Let’s check out!

First of all, inside the campus, they do have this “Airport Style Building”. Students were led to queue in here and were given the English Village Passport like this one:

Tam and Jinny seems to be very excited with their passports. You see, they’re waving it! Okay, okay,  I got it…you’re officially English Village citizens now, I haftasay(have to say)! ^ ^

Up next, students will then wait for their turns to face the “immigration officers” (who were of course the English Village teachers). And, once you reached the “immigration officers” stand, they will then interview you series of conversational questions; “What’s your name?, What’s your purpose of coming here in English Village? etc. etc. It may sound very easy, but mind you , I believe that this is a good practice to check the students presence of mind and at the same time boost up their confidence to use the language. Get ready then, as we take few glimpses of how did it go with our MEP-NMK students. Were they scared? Did they panic…? But,,,ooops…

Meet Tanwa, facing his immigration officer (T. Britney). He seems to be very happy and confident while dealing with the simulation. Good job, Tanwa! Atta( What a)  boy!
Oh wow Sareena! She seems to be enjoying the talk too. So far so good!
Look… Jinny,,,she seems to be more glowing and prettier for a girl doing the simulation! I’m impressed!
Wait…even Alissa is confident and smiling too. Easy-peasy Japanesey!
This is the best of all time, Nut with the big smile! It looks to me that he is having a nice time chit-chatting..oops…I mean doing the interview. So proud smile! Well done Nut!

I wish I could show more candid shots of our MEP-NMK immigration simulation, but my blog site seems to have some bytes limit, (maybe – not quiet familiar with the technical computer terminology).Anyway, my point is I apologize for not showing more pictures and bits about this action. But, believe me, all our MEP-NMK students performed and showed not only their best but in fact, their superb job!

They did super dooper ultra mega to the max EXCELLENT job! I’m so proud of you guys! Perhaps I could shout to the world, I am one of their English Teachers, so, like students like teachers ^ ^ !!!


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