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Pond, First, Wave & Leena of M2/12 wows the class with Hologram Science

Well, it’s like this! For Friday Science class each group were assigned to design and present their own experiment or science presentation about Light, Reflection. and Refraction. And of course, each group must apply and demonstrate to everyone how to do it.

And, FYI, they need to do it by their own, together with their team they need to decide, plan and do everything for their Science presentation. All they have to remember, is just apply what they learnt and understand from the Science lecture.

Let’s see what did the groups prepare for us. 6

Group 2 in their Hologram Presentation: well, every body said… wow!!! Amazing Group 2!!! On Hologram screen is the viral music video : I have a pen!!!

Well, Aumja, Boom, Petch and Cat – with their Refraction Presentation accompanied by cool music. It was very cool too! 
Tam, Bank, Kevin, Mai and Blessing with their Total Reflection Presentation! Oh look, the glass disappeared, it’s not magic it’s just Science! Great guys!

And here’s more of the other group’s science presentation.


Congratulations to all of you! So proud for all of you! Science is cool indeed!

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Students’ of the Week

M1/12 Classroom has something special this week, that is, we got back to update our bulletin board. But, what’s on the bulletin board? Of course, pictures of best and fantastic students of the week. Here are some of the quick look of the best students for this week:

Congratulations Proud, Fah and Big! They are the ones who were never tired of writing and giving their bests in writing their diaries. Keep it up!!! 


They all did a very good job in Science for this week, from calculations, conversions, notebook and experiments … they did very good! Keep it guys!
And of course, the English Masters…which means they did very well in the reports, listening tests, writing reading and others. It’s all about English you know!Good job! 
And still the best host up to this week,,, J. It means he had a very good performance in doing the hosting during the activity day! Good job J!
Q and Chompoo are the model students… that means they are the good examples of good behavior in the class! Very good students! Great work!
And this week’s Boggle champs,,, Group 3 and Group 2…Kana and Nine were part of the hard work of the team during the Boggle activity! Good job!

Congratulations to all of you! Let’s see if same names and pictures will appear on the same STUDENT OF THE WEEK category next week. For others, keep on trying, who knows, next week your name will soon be on the bulletin board!

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NMK at Science Prodigy Comptetion

Hello, my name is NINE. I’m from class M3/12. Right now, I’m going to tell you about “Genius Competition for Prodigy in Science”.

“Sillapa Competition” is a competition that give chance to schools to send their students to compete with other schools. My science competition was also in Sillapa Competition. This year’s science competitions was held in Bodindecha 1 School. My team went there to compete with the other participants.


The “Genius Competition for Prodigy in Science” was be divided into 2 rounds. ‘Elimination by examination’ and ‘Verbal Questioning’.

During the ‘Elimination by examination’, the exam was based on M1 – M3 knowledge and most are critical thinking questions. It was subdivided into 2 parts, writing and multiple choice questions. It contained items from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It was very difficult, because it needed critical thinking not just basic theoretical knowledge. But we passed this examination and we progressed to the next round.
We were very happy because we advanced to the next round. Next, we must write the correct answer in the given paper which included the questions. We had 1 minute and 30 seconds for each question. After that, the proctor collected our papers and gave us a new one.
The questions were random and every team must pickup a question number, and the judge-helper will get the question paper that corresponded to the number and gave it to the competitors.

I think this part was hard but not as tough as the first round. The top two teams of this competition will have the chance to advance and compete in the Zone Level competition. But our team got the third position out of 24 teams, so we didn’t get the chance to go for the Zone Competition.


Lastly, I think I came here to gain experience. No matter win or not, the best thing that I learned and received were: experience, friendship and nobody is perfect. (Nine- Kornrawee Chanchom M3/12)

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D.I.Y. Thermometer

Alright! We did learn about how to use the thermometer previously , now it is time for some action. We will try to make our Do It Yourself Thermometer. We will check if M1/12 did it or not?

First Trial Failed- takes super long for the colored water to go up. Our hot water is not hot enough to make the water inside the bottle rise up. And it takes a bit longer. W


Second Trial (Successful) – suddenly we decided to use the real heating pan to maintain the hot temperature. Then in just a couple of minutes we saw good results! We were so excited to see the first rise of the colored water!!!


One thing I realize about today’s experiment, doing or making something takes a bit of patience! First thing that you have to do is wait and next is wait and must not forget that it is about TEAMWORK.


And at the end of the Science day, you get to watch and learn new things. And you also earned new experience to share to your family and friends at the end of the day!


Therefore, we say Science is cool and fun!

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Group 2 rocks “Word Boggles” today!!!

Hey, today’s Thursday and its M1/12 “Activity Day”. And did you know? Group 2 won today’s “Word Boggles”. It was such a very tough game especially between Group 1 and Group 2 (Aim. Kaohom, Nine, Tangkwa and Ranya). They won with only 1 point ahead with Group 1 (Fah, Him, Ming, Aey and Ice).



“The Score Board” 

And another thing, J and Tangkwa was really doing a very good job in the hosting! They did try their best to be an enthusiastic host masters in the class, and yeah they were very successful everybody was so happy with them. 2

What’s more! Now, speed reading is becoming a routine that everyone knows already what to do when we say speed reading.


And above all, today is such a comedy “Activity Day”. Why? While playing “Boggles, some may form words that sounds so funny…but it’s okay, the most important thing is we’ve tried. Who knows! That word might be correct. Try and try until you succeed!!! Good job everybody! Yayyyy!!!

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Thermometer Part 2

We just had fun doing our first one on one experience with using the thermometer. Now here is the most important part, finishing our experiment work. Our tasks:

  1. Must not forget to draw the materials we used and the steps we did during the experiment.

    This is Baitoei’s notebook. So clean and tidy!
  2. Record all our members’ body temperatures.cimg0219
  3. Must not forget to convert the recorded temperatures to degree Celsius, Fahrenheit and Kelvin.
    Hey guys! I cant see very well, all I see are your heads,,,555. 

    4. And soon must not forget to get the Average Temperature of the group.

    5. And finally identify who got the highest and the lowest body temperature in the group. Once done! Get ready to give your Science Notebook to the teacher!


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Science M1/12 get to know how to use the Thermometer

Thermometer is one of the must have’s in every household. In this case, every member in the family, young or adult, must learn how to use the thermometer. Good timing! M1/12 get the first-hand experience of using the thermometer both digital thermometer and the classic one to check their body temperature. Here are the glimpses of THERMOMETER activity in the classroom.

Look it’s Ming, trying to look closely on the thermometer scale. Hey Ming! Is it in degree Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin? I wonder what it is?  Hmmmmm….

By the way, I know that knowing the conversion of °C, °F or °K may sound so easy but I think it is also a must to learn how to do so.

Ming, demonstrating how to put the thermometer under our armpit. Its okay, Mindg is smiling because it is a little bit ticklish,,,kkk^^. 
Yeah, success! Ming did it. And beside her is Ice getting ready with the cotton and alcohol ready to clean before the next one will use it! That’s one of the cleanliness thing that we have to remember!

And of course we learn how to use the old style thermometer, we also need to use the new one the digital one. Let’s see who we caught on camera using the digital thermometer.

Oh wow! Proud and Preaw confidently showing their digital thermometer, in fairness, they did it well. They know how to use it just click on and click off! See , very easy! 

As mentioned before, we learned not only how to use the thermometer but at the same time we also did learn how to clean it after using which is also very important. We say it is part of being HYGIENIC.See below how did we keep up the cleanliness and make sure the thermometer is sterilized.

Ball and Big with their big smiles while cleaning the thermometer! Say cheese!

What’s more! If you are so worried that you might not know how to use the thermometer, teachers will always be there to help you as well.

Look at Teacher Fah helping out Big to make sure that he is doing it right. Well done you two!
And here is Arm, so serious about getting more about the thermometer thing! Its okay Arm dont worry, you are so fine and healthy!

In conclusion, everybody did a good job and finally learnt how to handle the thermometer very well! Great job M1/12!  (see part 2_of thermometer article)

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“Messi” The Robot (by: Pond-M2/12)


I am Pond and I am the writer of this article. It’s about me, Wave and First, doing the “Robot Activity”.


Yesterday, we studied about robot. This robot is made by Lego. And the name of this version of robot is Lego mindstorm Ev3. But we gave new name to it “Messi” because wave wanted that name. This robot used a program from computer. It used a program same as flowchart. But we needed to create program by ourselves. And downloaded by Bluetooth and Signal line.

Firstly, when I went to the room. Teacher taught us about basic information for 2 hours. After we finished learning teacher allowed us to use robot. We used program. And we had different jobs, First made a Lego Robot, Wave is the leader. And my job is to make program to the robot.

There are many materials to make a Robot, like, color light sensor that will make robot move in right direction, Gyro sensor to make it turn left and turn right. And, the Ultra sonic which is important because it is the robot’s eyes so it won’t crash with obstacle. But we need to put program about every sensor. Why? Because if we don’t put program sensor it will not work. And the most special thing about this Robot is that it has “Brain”. Like a computer that will calculate so the robot can work.

After we put program to the “Messi”. We tested the “Messi” and it did go on the right way but it had difficulty with some curve. When we cannot do something then teacher taught us. And then it became easy and we can go next.


We also had some exercise in obstacle. We use Ultra sonic for our eyes. We use some bottle for obstacle. And when “Messi” saw the obstacle, it will stop and turn right in 90° because I set that program. After we finish, Wave want to play that robot by cellphone. And how to play? We use Bluetooth and played with it. It looked like car controller.


Actually, we have a lot to tell. We all did have so much fun. So, today was such a very good day. Finally, making robot can teach us how to make plan. And it makes us feel relax from serious thing.


On 16 November 2016, M.5-6 will have competition about this. I think it will be very interesting and fun.We thank our teacher for giving us new knowledge. Thank you so much! (Pond, Wave and First – M2/12)


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Best Student Diaries

As I told you before, Wednesday is Diary Day, so basically everyone is very busy trying to finish the diary. Others will try to write diary just to have some points, but others, write diary because they feel happy to do it and they got good writing inspiration while writing their DIARY. And, for this week, we got some amazing DIARY WRITERS.

Meet Chareef, M2/12. I was very happy reading his diary about “Housework”! It was funny and cute and realistic. I was even laughing while reading his diary, good job Chareef! Congratulations!!!
Meet Tam, M2/12. He wrote his diary for this week like a professional. He even wrote metaphors to express his opinion about “Housework”.  Well done Tam , keep it up!
And meet Praew and Tangkwa of M1/12, they did very well in their diary about “My Favorite Athlete”. What’s more they both are athlete too. Praew is a good swimmer while Tangkwa is good in playing badminton too. Keep it up both you! Great job! 

If your not in here, please don’t be sad, who knows maybe on the next week’s best diaries “YOU WILL BE THE CHOSEN ONE.” Until next week. (Smile)