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MEP English Classroom

Hey, its been two weeks since Semester Two started. What’s going on with the MEP English classes. Here are some bits and new pieces of what our MEP studes are up to:

  1. Writing Diary – since Semester 1 m2/12 students have to write diary for at least once a week. Topics are given to them and all they have to do is just write their ideas about the topic on their diary. But, they must not forget the word limit which is ranging from 150 words or more. Moreover, for Semester 2 both M1/12 and M2/12 must write diaries every week. Like this:
Look! Fah and Kaolad trying to write their first diary! Go, go you two!
Oh wow, look at Proud neatly writing on her first diary! Good job!
And of course, Arm with his first diary moment too!

2. And of course the “REPORTING” – once you are an MEP student you can never get away from doing this. But don’t worry, its a group work so everyone will help each other. (I hope so….)

See, Aey, Ice and Him of M1/12 trying to present their vocabulary to their classmates.
And M2/12 (from the left) Martin, Chompoo, Mint, Ploy and Nice on the introduction of their report.
Wait up! There’s one more, (from right) its Leena, Pond, Wave and First doing their oral reading! Keep it up! Teamwork, yey!
Quiet guys! It’s T. Pond giving out their Mini_Quiz! Answer correctly, okay! And remember wrong spelling is wrong! (Minus point if copying!)
And of course (from the right) June, Alissa, Yau-yau, Junior and Tanwa doing their Mini_Quiz game as part of their reporting.

There will be more to go as the second semester goes onward! Why, why are MEP students dong this? Of course, the answer is very simple. Practice and practice and practice and practice their ENGLISH! Keep it up y’all!


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