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Tangram Science

Check out the latest deeds of MEP-Science M1/12. Here’s what they’re up to!

From the right: Q, Big, Stang, Creammy and Arm, the first group to finish with their FISH TANGRAM. 


What a house! From left: Ball, Proud, Preaw, Amp and Roeve with their HOUSE TANGRAM!
From right: J, Nemo, Pim and Opal with their amazing TANGRAMS! Lemme tell you, Nemo and J work on the house and boat. While Pim worked on her very impressive and orignally created LITTLE GIRL TANGRAM! But mind you, Opal is also making her own, but not finish yet.Watch out for it soon! 
It’s a bird! No, it’s a chicken! Or whatever is it! (from left) Ploy, Kaolad, Chompoo, Paint and Ohm’s TANGRAM. Maybe later they will tell me what exactly it is! 
Voila!!! The most artistic TANGRAM of (from left) Kaohom, Ranya, Aim, Tangkwa and Nine! Great job guys! Dont worry points will be given to you later! 
Oh wow, a BOAT TANGRAM by (from right) Ming, Ice, Aey, Him and Fah! Yey, way to go! 

Wait, before I finish this blog, let me tell you about this “Tangram”. Well, its quite simple all you have to do is to create different shapes and try to connect it all together to form another shape or form. But the tricky part is that, after doing so you must write the measurement of the sides of all the shapes that you used in making up your TANGRAMS. Its very easy to see but actually a bit tricky especially in designing the shape! But, M1/12 did it! Congratulations M1! Keep up the good work!


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