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Best Student Diaries

As I told you before, Wednesday is Diary Day, so basically everyone is very busy trying to finish the diary. Others will try to write diary just to have some points, but others, write diary because they feel happy to do it and they got good writing inspiration while writing their DIARY. And, for this week, we got some amazing DIARY WRITERS.

Meet Chareef, M2/12. I was very happy reading his diary about “Housework”! It was funny and cute and realistic. I was even laughing while reading his diary, good job Chareef! Congratulations!!!
Meet Tam, M2/12. He wrote his diary for this week like a professional. He even wrote metaphors to express his opinion about “Housework”.  Well done Tam , keep it up!
And meet Praew and Tangkwa of M1/12, they did very well in their diary about “My Favorite Athlete”. What’s more they both are athlete too. Praew is a good swimmer while Tangkwa is good in playing badminton too. Keep it up both you! Great job! 

If your not in here, please don’t be sad, who knows maybe on the next week’s best diaries “YOU WILL BE THE CHOSEN ONE.” Until next week. (Smile)