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Shadow Science:(Light, Umbra & Penumbra)

Welcome to M2 Shadow Science Experiment. In this activity, students made and created their own version of showing UMBRA and PENUMBRA with the help of their cellphones’ flashlight. Honestly, they did not have much time to prepare because they were quiet busy these days but still all the groups were able to come up with creative Shadow experiment. Let’s have a quick look back on their outputs.

Aim, Nut, Beam and Oak in their Shadow version of t”The Evolution of Man”. It was very good and awesome!
The coolest Shadow Storytelling Version of Well, Petch, Boom, Aumja and Cat! Good job you all!
The Hare and the Tortoise Shadow Version by Pond, Leena, First and Wave.
The Three Little Pigs Shadow show by Rita, Forth, Jinny, Amy and Bam.
What’s so special with the Shadow presentation by Earn, Chareef, Muang and Kanompung was that, they had background music that really spice up their presentation. Great job, guys!
The Solar System Shadow by Chompoo, Nice, Martin, Mint and Ploy.
Tam, Mai, Kevin and Blessing with their “Earth & Sunlight Shadow Version”.

These  are just very simple experiment that will help everyone of us understand the relationship of LIGHT in creating shadows (UMBRA, PENUMBRA and even ANTUMBRA). And most of all, these are all students’ ideas! Well done M2’s!