This is the first edition of SEP which stands for Smart English Program. Students of SEP have more time and chances to study and be exposed about the English language, i.e. they also have more chances to learn the language. They also got some English classroom activities that will help them to speak more and get to know English more. You see, we have:

Namfon, Karn and new student Namwan from M4/3  doing their first reporting; presenting their report’s vocabulary, as required from them. 
Hey Daow seems to be happy while scanning for the translation of the GAPFILL reinforcing vocabulary. It means after the GAPFILL test they usually have to spend the translation of the vocabulary given during the test. 
Here’s more! Look at Ong happily posing on cam! By the way, he’s the football boy of M4/3. But mind you he is also doing a good job in English class. Well done Ong!
Dont be too serious May! Why you flipping the dictionary pages so fast, calm down ^ ^ . 
Girls power! Angel and Luktan giving their best on scanning for target vocabularies. Way to go guys! Great job. Keep it up! 

That’s all for the first edition of SEP. Don’t worry be happy there will be more to come from SEP of course. This is just the beginning…Yeah!

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