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Athlete’s Afternoon with M1/12

When you ask students of the famous athlete that they like, you’ll be surprised of how many they can name. I was expecting that they know much about athletes of different sports. For example:

Proud, Preaw, Ball and Amp on their 5 Famous Athletes Report. Highlight Athlete: Tiger Woods
Nemo, J, Opal, Pim and Kana presented Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods. And because of them, I came to know that Tiger Woods’ mother is Thai Cool! I didnt know about it.
More to that, J presented Lionel Messi who happen to be the favorite of many students. And Kana presented Roger Federer, again my favorite Tennis player. By the way, Kana is a good tennis player too! What a match!
Paint, Ohm, Chompoo. Ploy and Kaolad presented Lebron James, who happen to be my most favorite basketball player. And of course the pride of Thailand, Buakaw the great Muay Thai boxer!


Q, Creammy,Stang, Big and Arm with their favorite Thai athletes.

Aim, Tangkwa, Ranya, Kaohom and Nine with their awesome international athletes! But the highlight in their group is the GREAT OF ALL TIME football player CR-7, Christiano Ronaldo!!! Check the picture below….voila!!!


And the last but the least Him, Aey, Ice, Mink and Fah with their Famous Athlete presentation too.

It was indeed a very athletic class. I am so happy to have learned new things from my student. Teaching and learning at the same time. See how surprising students are, you’ll never what they can create or make when given much chances and opportunities. Until next time!



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