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M2/12 express themselves about “Housework”

Welcome to the role play scenario conducted by M2/12 in the classroom. The mission is for each group to present a short acting about what do they feel about doing household chores.

Let’s begin with:

“The Winner”

Aim, Nut, Nina, Oak and the best in Acting Beam in their wonderful and amazing stage performance! In fairness, Beam and Oak really did a superb acting! Congratulations you all! 

And to the so so winner…

Mai, Blessing, Kevin, Bank and Tam did a pretty good job too. Its a very simple role play yet it was presented cleanly! With clear narration and presentation. Good job! 
Well, Aum, Cat, Boom and Petch took it also in a different level by portraying more on their wonderful and neat costumes. What’s more Petchy got a super high heels that really adds the factor. Plus they did have a happy ending! Well done!
Jinny, Forth, Nes, Bam and Amy who presented a strong potential in acting. Bam really got a good make-up effect but I didnt see the connection of it. They just didnt show it! That part I missed! 😦 
This group had a really cool characters: for example Leena did really well to show her role. The funny thing is that First really was overacting as his role as mother, but his hair fell off! Pond also did his best and of course  Wave as the football player. Show was okay!

And to the okay …

Here’s much from Kanompung, Muang, Chareef and Earn. They were okay except that they throw so much face powder to the point that Muang was coughing,,ugh huh ugh huh! But okay!
See that in the picture! That’s Martin – in skirt with the shortest hair among all of them. Honestly he looks good with the skirt. He’s like the shy one. Presentation started very well but I just didn’t get the point when they say “Let’s party but where’s the party, it left me hanging in the middle and some lines were unclear. But again good job Chompoo, Nice, Ploy, Mint and Martin.

I really enjoyed their presentations in the class. They were so nice to watch! With little time of preparation given to them, I was very surprised and pleased to have watch such good and funny performances in the classroom. At least we got to chill for a while in the classroom. Congratulations to all of you M2/12! I am so proud of you!


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