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“Messi” The Robot (by: Pond-M2/12)


I am Pond and I am the writer of this article. It’s about me, Wave and First, doing the “Robot Activity”.


Yesterday, we studied about robot. This robot is made by Lego. And the name of this version of robot is Lego mindstorm Ev3. But we gave new name to it “Messi” because wave wanted that name. This robot used a program from computer. It used a program same as flowchart. But we needed to create program by ourselves. And downloaded by Bluetooth and Signal line.

Firstly, when I went to the room. Teacher taught us about basic information for 2 hours. After we finished learning teacher allowed us to use robot. We used program. And we had different jobs, First made a Lego Robot, Wave is the leader. And my job is to make program to the robot.

There are many materials to make a Robot, like, color light sensor that will make robot move in right direction, Gyro sensor to make it turn left and turn right. And, the Ultra sonic which is important because it is the robot’s eyes so it won’t crash with obstacle. But we need to put program about every sensor. Why? Because if we don’t put program sensor it will not work. And the most special thing about this Robot is that it has “Brain”. Like a computer that will calculate so the robot can work.

After we put program to the “Messi”. We tested the “Messi” and it did go on the right way but it had difficulty with some curve. When we cannot do something then teacher taught us. And then it became easy and we can go next.


We also had some exercise in obstacle. We use Ultra sonic for our eyes. We use some bottle for obstacle. And when “Messi” saw the obstacle, it will stop and turn right in 90° because I set that program. After we finish, Wave want to play that robot by cellphone. And how to play? We use Bluetooth and played with it. It looked like car controller.


Actually, we have a lot to tell. We all did have so much fun. So, today was such a very good day. Finally, making robot can teach us how to make plan. And it makes us feel relax from serious thing.


On 16 November 2016, M.5-6 will have competition about this. I think it will be very interesting and fun.We thank our teacher for giving us new knowledge. Thank you so much! (Pond, Wave and First – M2/12)



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