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Best Diaries Update

This week’s Diary Topic is about “NMK School Clubs”

This is Big, he did a wonderful job with his diary for this week. While I was reading his diary, I was really happy. And I can’t helped but smile. Usually, when I read students’ diary, I don’t normally look at their names, instead, I will directly read the diary content. And let me tell you, while I was reading Big’s diary, I know exactly that this diary belongs to Big even without looking its name and I was right! Really, well-done Big! I am so happy for you! You got 5 stars from me!!!


Next, we have Aim and Kaohom. Aim wrote her diary with very good organization, following the “Introduction, Body and Conclusion”. It was so well-organized, same as her personality. And Kaohom wrote a flawless diary, very simple yet wonderful. Plus, I get to know about her music interests which was the bonus point for me. By the way, Aim and Kaohom are both members of Thai Musical Instrument Club. cimg0189

Ploy, Fah, Baitoei, Opal,  Roeve and Creammy( click on the picture to know their names specifically) –  did you know that the best thing that I liked about their diaries was that they were very HONEST and TRUE in expressing with their feelings on what they felt about NMK school clubs.

And what’s more, they even gave their insights on what they liked , to happen in their classes. Although they belonged to different NMK school clubs, they felt the same about their clubs and that is, they think that being in school clubs is to “Learn in a funny and relaxing environment”. Just like that!

So as a teacher, I realized something, Diary writing is awesome. Why? It makes you feel closer to your students. Diary is like your secret communication with your student. But be sure not to break your students’ trust when you say its “secret”. They maybe kids but they surely take “secrets” seriously.

I can’t wait to read next week diaries. What will next week be like? I wonder….