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Group 2 rocks “Word Boggles” today!!!

Hey, today’s Thursday and its M1/12 “Activity Day”. And did you know? Group 2 won today’s “Word Boggles”. It was such a very tough game especially between Group 1 and Group 2 (Aim. Kaohom, Nine, Tangkwa and Ranya). They won with only 1 point ahead with Group 1 (Fah, Him, Ming, Aey and Ice).



“The Score Board” 

And another thing, J and Tangkwa was really doing a very good job in the hosting! They did try their best to be an enthusiastic host masters in the class, and yeah they were very successful everybody was so happy with them. 2

What’s more! Now, speed reading is becoming a routine that everyone knows already what to do when we say speed reading.


And above all, today is such a comedy “Activity Day”. Why? While playing “Boggles, some may form words that sounds so funny…but it’s okay, the most important thing is we’ve tried. Who knows! That word might be correct. Try and try until you succeed!!! Good job everybody! Yayyyy!!!


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