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Science M1/12 get to know how to use the Thermometer

Thermometer is one of the must have’s in every household. In this case, every member in the family, young or adult, must learn how to use the thermometer. Good timing! M1/12 get the first-hand experience of using the thermometer both digital thermometer and the classic one to check their body temperature. Here are the glimpses of THERMOMETER activity in the classroom.

Look it’s Ming, trying to look closely on the thermometer scale. Hey Ming! Is it in degree Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin? I wonder what it is?  Hmmmmm….

By the way, I know that knowing the conversion of °C, °F or °K may sound so easy but I think it is also a must to learn how to do so.

Ming, demonstrating how to put the thermometer under our armpit. Its okay, Mindg is smiling because it is a little bit ticklish,,,kkk^^. 
Yeah, success! Ming did it. And beside her is Ice getting ready with the cotton and alcohol ready to clean before the next one will use it! That’s one of the cleanliness thing that we have to remember!

And of course we learn how to use the old style thermometer, we also need to use the new one the digital one. Let’s see who we caught on camera using the digital thermometer.

Oh wow! Proud and Preaw confidently showing their digital thermometer, in fairness, they did it well. They know how to use it just click on and click off! See , very easy! 

As mentioned before, we learned not only how to use the thermometer but at the same time we also did learn how to clean it after using which is also very important. We say it is part of being HYGIENIC.See below how did we keep up the cleanliness and make sure the thermometer is sterilized.

Ball and Big with their big smiles while cleaning the thermometer! Say cheese!

What’s more! If you are so worried that you might not know how to use the thermometer, teachers will always be there to help you as well.

Look at Teacher Fah helping out Big to make sure that he is doing it right. Well done you two!
And here is Arm, so serious about getting more about the thermometer thing! Its okay Arm dont worry, you are so fine and healthy!

In conclusion, everybody did a good job and finally learnt how to handle the thermometer very well! Great job M1/12!  (see part 2_of thermometer article)


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