D.I.Y. Thermometer

Alright! We did learn about how to use the thermometer previously , now it is time for some action. We will try to make our Do It Yourself Thermometer. We will check if M1/12 did it or not?

First Trial Failed- takes super long for the colored water to go up. Our hot water is not hot enough to make the water inside the bottle rise up. And it takes a bit longer. W


Second Trial (Successful) – suddenly we decided to use the real heating pan to maintain the hot temperature. Then in just a couple of minutes we saw good results! We were so excited to see the first rise of the colored water!!!


One thing I realize about today’s experiment, doing or making something takes a bit of patience! First thing that you have to do is wait and next is wait and must not forget that it is about TEAMWORK.


And at the end of the Science day, you get to watch and learn new things. And you also earned new experience to share to your family and friends at the end of the day!


Therefore, we say Science is cool and fun!

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