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Moringa Project Splash


16 October 2016- Tam, Well, and Earn of M2/12 joined the Science Project competition in Thai bringing along with them the “Gold Medal Moringa Project” awarded last time during the MEP-EP Science Project Competition.


The Presenter’s Say:

Earn – Science Competition is very new for me and we need to compete with another school. I think it is a good chance for me to develop my skill to speak and to share smart thinking. In my opinion, our presentation was very good and everyone enjoyed my group although we made some mistakes on some questions. Actually, I want to get gold medal but it is not up to me. Anyway, we got bronze medal but it’s okay. I am proud for my team. Next year I want to battle again .And we will get gold medal!!!


Well- I went to Science project competition with confident and I believed we can do it. I really feel good and relax when I finished the competition. So when we  went back to school Earn, and me and may be Tam too, we slept on the car because we got up very early. Later on the evening,  Tthe result of the competition came out and we got bronze.  I felt a little bit bad about that so I told my parents and they comforted me. And I feel better, because I had fun doing it, not just on the time we treat the wound but when we presented it I feel confident and had fun. I think that is the most  important thing for me. 


Tam- Thai science project is very hard but this just a beginning. At least we get a bronze medal but next time we’ll try harder (I feel a little disapointed actually but we can also have mistakes sometimes, don’t we? ) The most important thing is how we learned from our experience!!!


Thank you everybody for the support and for  reading our story and we are all proud of this. 

Moringa Project Flashback 

Below is semester one snapshot when we originally compete our Moringa Project for EP-MEP. 



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