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NMK at Science Prodigy Comptetion

Hello, my name is NINE. I’m from class M3/12. Right now, I’m going to tell you about “Genius Competition for Prodigy in Science”.

“Sillapa Competition” is a competition that give chance to schools to send their students to compete with other schools. My science competition was also in Sillapa Competition. This year’s science competitions was held in Bodindecha 1 School. My team went there to compete with the other participants.


The “Genius Competition for Prodigy in Science” was be divided into 2 rounds. ‘Elimination by examination’ and ‘Verbal Questioning’.

During the ‘Elimination by examination’, the exam was based on M1 – M3 knowledge and most are critical thinking questions. It was subdivided into 2 parts, writing and multiple choice questions. It contained items from Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It was very difficult, because it needed critical thinking not just basic theoretical knowledge. But we passed this examination and we progressed to the next round.
We were very happy because we advanced to the next round. Next, we must write the correct answer in the given paper which included the questions. We had 1 minute and 30 seconds for each question. After that, the proctor collected our papers and gave us a new one.
The questions were random and every team must pickup a question number, and the judge-helper will get the question paper that corresponded to the number and gave it to the competitors.

I think this part was hard but not as tough as the first round. The top two teams of this competition will have the chance to advance and compete in the Zone Level competition. But our team got the third position out of 24 teams, so we didn’t get the chance to go for the Zone Competition.


Lastly, I think I came here to gain experience. No matter win or not, the best thing that I learned and received were: experience, friendship and nobody is perfect. (Nine- Kornrawee Chanchom M3/12)