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Pond, First, Wave & Leena of M2/12 wows the class with Hologram Science

Well, it’s like this! For Friday Science class each group were assigned to design and present their own experiment or science presentation about Light, Reflection. and Refraction. And of course, each group must apply and demonstrate to everyone how to do it.

And, FYI, they need to do it by their own, together with their team they need to decide, plan and do everything for their Science presentation. All they have to remember, is just apply what they learnt and understand from the Science lecture.

Let’s see what did the groups prepare for us. 6

Group 2 in their Hologram Presentation: well, every body said… wow!!! Amazing Group 2!!! On Hologram screen is the viral music video : I have a pen!!!

Well, Aumja, Boom, Petch and Cat – with their Refraction Presentation accompanied by cool music. It was very cool too! 
Tam, Bank, Kevin, Mai and Blessing with their Total Reflection Presentation! Oh look, the glass disappeared, it’s not magic it’s just Science! Great guys!

And here’s more of the other group’s science presentation.


Congratulations to all of you! So proud for all of you! Science is cool indeed!


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