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Students’ of the Week

M1/12 Classroom has something special this week, that is, we got back to update our bulletin board. But, what’s on the bulletin board? Of course, pictures of best and fantastic students of the week. Here are some of the quick look of the best students for this week:

Congratulations Proud, Fah and Big! They are the ones who were never tired of writing and giving their bests in writing their diaries. Keep it up!!! 


They all did a very good job in Science for this week, from calculations, conversions, notebook and experiments … they did very good! Keep it guys!
And of course, the English Masters…which means they did very well in the reports, listening tests, writing reading and others. It’s all about English you know!Good job! 
And still the best host up to this week,,, J. It means he had a very good performance in doing the hosting during the activity day! Good job J!
Q and Chompoo are the model students… that means they are the good examples of good behavior in the class! Very good students! Great work!
And this week’s Boggle champs,,, Group 3 and Group 2…Kana and Nine were part of the hard work of the team during the Boggle activity! Good job!

Congratulations to all of you! Let’s see if same names and pictures will appear on the same STUDENT OF THE WEEK category next week. For others, keep on trying, who knows, next week your name will soon be on the bulletin board!


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