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Science M1/12 get to know how to use the Thermometer

Thermometer is one of the must have’s in every household. In this case, every member in the family, young or adult, must learn how to use the thermometer. Good timing! M1/12 get the first-hand experience of using the thermometer both digital thermometer and the classic one to check their body temperature. Here are the glimpses of THERMOMETER activity in the classroom.

Look it’s Ming, trying to look closely on the thermometer scale. Hey Ming! Is it in degree Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin? I wonder what it is?  Hmmmmm….

By the way, I know that knowing the conversion of °C, °F or °K may sound so easy but I think it is also a must to learn how to do so.

Ming, demonstrating how to put the thermometer under our armpit. Its okay, Mindg is smiling because it is a little bit ticklish,,,kkk^^. 
Yeah, success! Ming did it. And beside her is Ice getting ready with the cotton and alcohol ready to clean before the next one will use it! That’s one of the cleanliness thing that we have to remember!

And of course we learn how to use the old style thermometer, we also need to use the new one the digital one. Let’s see who we caught on camera using the digital thermometer.

Oh wow! Proud and Preaw confidently showing their digital thermometer, in fairness, they did it well. They know how to use it just click on and click off! See , very easy! 

As mentioned before, we learned not only how to use the thermometer but at the same time we also did learn how to clean it after using which is also very important. We say it is part of being HYGIENIC.See below how did we keep up the cleanliness and make sure the thermometer is sterilized.

Ball and Big with their big smiles while cleaning the thermometer! Say cheese!

What’s more! If you are so worried that you might not know how to use the thermometer, teachers will always be there to help you as well.

Look at Teacher Fah helping out Big to make sure that he is doing it right. Well done you two!
And here is Arm, so serious about getting more about the thermometer thing! Its okay Arm dont worry, you are so fine and healthy!

In conclusion, everybody did a good job and finally learnt how to handle the thermometer very well! Great job M1/12!  (see part 2_of thermometer article)

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Best Diaries Update

This week’s Diary Topic is about “NMK School Clubs”

This is Big, he did a wonderful job with his diary for this week. While I was reading his diary, I was really happy. And I can’t helped but smile. Usually, when I read students’ diary, I don’t normally look at their names, instead, I will directly read the diary content. And let me tell you, while I was reading Big’s diary, I know exactly that this diary belongs to Big even without looking its name and I was right! Really, well-done Big! I am so happy for you! You got 5 stars from me!!!


Next, we have Aim and Kaohom. Aim wrote her diary with very good organization, following the “Introduction, Body and Conclusion”. It was so well-organized, same as her personality. And Kaohom wrote a flawless diary, very simple yet wonderful. Plus, I get to know about her music interests which was the bonus point for me. By the way, Aim and Kaohom are both members of Thai Musical Instrument Club. cimg0189

Ploy, Fah, Baitoei, Opal,  Roeve and Creammy( click on the picture to know their names specifically) –  did you know that the best thing that I liked about their diaries was that they were very HONEST and TRUE in expressing with their feelings on what they felt about NMK school clubs.

And what’s more, they even gave their insights on what they liked , to happen in their classes. Although they belonged to different NMK school clubs, they felt the same about their clubs and that is, they think that being in school clubs is to “Learn in a funny and relaxing environment”. Just like that!

So as a teacher, I realized something, Diary writing is awesome. Why? It makes you feel closer to your students. Diary is like your secret communication with your student. But be sure not to break your students’ trust when you say its “secret”. They maybe kids but they surely take “secrets” seriously.

I can’t wait to read next week diaries. What will next week be like? I wonder….

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“Messi” The Robot (by: Pond-M2/12)


I am Pond and I am the writer of this article. It’s about me, Wave and First, doing the “Robot Activity”.


Yesterday, we studied about robot. This robot is made by Lego. And the name of this version of robot is Lego mindstorm Ev3. But we gave new name to it “Messi” because wave wanted that name. This robot used a program from computer. It used a program same as flowchart. But we needed to create program by ourselves. And downloaded by Bluetooth and Signal line.

Firstly, when I went to the room. Teacher taught us about basic information for 2 hours. After we finished learning teacher allowed us to use robot. We used program. And we had different jobs, First made a Lego Robot, Wave is the leader. And my job is to make program to the robot.

There are many materials to make a Robot, like, color light sensor that will make robot move in right direction, Gyro sensor to make it turn left and turn right. And, the Ultra sonic which is important because it is the robot’s eyes so it won’t crash with obstacle. But we need to put program about every sensor. Why? Because if we don’t put program sensor it will not work. And the most special thing about this Robot is that it has “Brain”. Like a computer that will calculate so the robot can work.

After we put program to the “Messi”. We tested the “Messi” and it did go on the right way but it had difficulty with some curve. When we cannot do something then teacher taught us. And then it became easy and we can go next.


We also had some exercise in obstacle. We use Ultra sonic for our eyes. We use some bottle for obstacle. And when “Messi” saw the obstacle, it will stop and turn right in 90° because I set that program. After we finish, Wave want to play that robot by cellphone. And how to play? We use Bluetooth and played with it. It looked like car controller.


Actually, we have a lot to tell. We all did have so much fun. So, today was such a very good day. Finally, making robot can teach us how to make plan. And it makes us feel relax from serious thing.


On 16 November 2016, M.5-6 will have competition about this. I think it will be very interesting and fun.We thank our teacher for giving us new knowledge. Thank you so much! (Pond, Wave and First – M2/12)


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M2/12 express themselves about “Housework”

Welcome to the role play scenario conducted by M2/12 in the classroom. The mission is for each group to present a short acting about what do they feel about doing household chores.

Let’s begin with:

“The Winner”

Aim, Nut, Nina, Oak and the best in Acting Beam in their wonderful and amazing stage performance! In fairness, Beam and Oak really did a superb acting! Congratulations you all! 

And to the so so winner…

Mai, Blessing, Kevin, Bank and Tam did a pretty good job too. Its a very simple role play yet it was presented cleanly! With clear narration and presentation. Good job! 
Well, Aum, Cat, Boom and Petch took it also in a different level by portraying more on their wonderful and neat costumes. What’s more Petchy got a super high heels that really adds the factor. Plus they did have a happy ending! Well done!
Jinny, Forth, Nes, Bam and Amy who presented a strong potential in acting. Bam really got a good make-up effect but I didnt see the connection of it. They just didnt show it! That part I missed! 😦 
This group had a really cool characters: for example Leena did really well to show her role. The funny thing is that First really was overacting as his role as mother, but his hair fell off! Pond also did his best and of course  Wave as the football player. Show was okay!

And to the okay …

Here’s much from Kanompung, Muang, Chareef and Earn. They were okay except that they throw so much face powder to the point that Muang was coughing,,ugh huh ugh huh! But okay!
See that in the picture! That’s Martin – in skirt with the shortest hair among all of them. Honestly he looks good with the skirt. He’s like the shy one. Presentation started very well but I just didn’t get the point when they say “Let’s party but where’s the party, it left me hanging in the middle and some lines were unclear. But again good job Chompoo, Nice, Ploy, Mint and Martin.

I really enjoyed their presentations in the class. They were so nice to watch! With little time of preparation given to them, I was very surprised and pleased to have watch such good and funny performances in the classroom. At least we got to chill for a while in the classroom. Congratulations to all of you M2/12! I am so proud of you!

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Activity Day

What is Activity Day? Well, it simply means, time to make English class more fun and more group work. Unfortunately, this activity day is only for M1/12. What are the things that students will do during “Activity Day”? Just scroll down and you will see fresh snapshots from our M1/12’s first activity day for this semester.

Today’s Hosts of the Activity Day: Big and Proud! I was so happy for them, I didnt give them much time to practice but they truly performed well. Great job Big and Proud!


And as part of the activity day, everybody must do the SPEED READING, led by Fah of Group 1. I truly like Group 1’s SPEED READING melody, they’re  so creative!

Of course! The higlight of the activity is the GAME TIME! This time we played Boggles as I may call it! Its their first time to play like this but they did very well! The winner for today’s game is none other than…GROUP 3- the vocabulary masters!!!

See you again in our next Activity Day!!!

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2nd SEP Edition

Today’s report topic is about “THE NEWEST GENERATION”. Here are the reporters for today, let’s have a look at them.

It’s Prajak, First, Pear and Daow presenting their reports in class. 
In here are Jump, Preaw and May doing their report! This group presented a very different but creative way of making vocabulary powerpoint!

What is the report’s topic all about? Altogether we read to this:


Since at least the 1950’s, teens of each generation have been on the lookout for new songs, new fashions, or really anything new. If there’s something new teens are typically eager to check it out. If something becomes popular and lasts for a while, it becomes a trend. Nowadays, the use of the newest technology has become the trend with teenagers.

These teenagers belong to Generation Z, and they were born approximately between 1994 and 2004. Generation Zers are tough and smart. They like to belong to a group and to share personal information. They are the first generation to have grown up with technology like the Internet and cell phone. Most of them own an MP3 player and download music from the web. They text friends on their cell phones, and they also stay in touch with them on Facebook. They read books on e-readers and tablets. And, they love the virtual world.

Virtual reality (VR) is an environment simulated by a computer. With goggles and headphones, teens can enter places in worlds of simulated reality as well as imaginary worlds. They can play soccer, drive racing car, or defend the planet against invaders from outer space.

Virtual reality has also entered the world of entertainment. IN Japan, a young singer named Hatsune Mikuone has become a hit. MIku is actually a 3-D hologram of a pop star. She’s sixteen years old, and she has long pigtails and large eyes. Miku’s voice is recorded on synthesizer called “Vocaloid”. She has performed “live” at stadiums all over Japan. Crowds of fans wave glowing sticks and sing along to “World is Mine.”

Will the latest trend fade with new technology? We’ll have to wait and see – until the next generation.(I leave the answer to you.)

Note: Passage of THE NEWEST GENERATION was taken and copied from NEW WORLD BOOK 4.

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Athlete’s Afternoon with M1/12

When you ask students of the famous athlete that they like, you’ll be surprised of how many they can name. I was expecting that they know much about athletes of different sports. For example:

Proud, Preaw, Ball and Amp on their 5 Famous Athletes Report. Highlight Athlete: Tiger Woods
Nemo, J, Opal, Pim and Kana presented Michael Phelps and Tiger Woods. And because of them, I came to know that Tiger Woods’ mother is Thai Cool! I didnt know about it.
More to that, J presented Lionel Messi who happen to be the favorite of many students. And Kana presented Roger Federer, again my favorite Tennis player. By the way, Kana is a good tennis player too! What a match!
Paint, Ohm, Chompoo. Ploy and Kaolad presented Lebron James, who happen to be my most favorite basketball player. And of course the pride of Thailand, Buakaw the great Muay Thai boxer!


Q, Creammy,Stang, Big and Arm with their favorite Thai athletes.

Aim, Tangkwa, Ranya, Kaohom and Nine with their awesome international athletes! But the highlight in their group is the GREAT OF ALL TIME football player CR-7, Christiano Ronaldo!!! Check the picture below….voila!!!


And the last but the least Him, Aey, Ice, Mink and Fah with their Famous Athlete presentation too.

It was indeed a very athletic class. I am so happy to have learned new things from my student. Teaching and learning at the same time. See how surprising students are, you’ll never what they can create or make when given much chances and opportunities. Until next time!