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Minute to Win It (MEP)

This is the “Minute to Win It Edition of MEP 1/12. Like I said, on my previous blogs every Thursday is activity day for M1’s. And for this week, I realized that I need to spice up a bit the activity day considering that they are getting used to the “Boggles” game.

So, being true to my thoughts, I incorporated the “Minute to Win It” games as part of our day’s program. (Of course the chosen activity, I have to acknowledge that I used my “Watching TV” as my reference.) And here are the captured fun in the classroom.

The Champions for this week: J, Ice, Big and Ball!!! So proud of you guys! 

But, you might ask, what did they do to be called as Champions? Just very simple, they played the game called “It Blows” and finish the task within 1 minute and that’s it …boom… YOU WIN! Hey look!

This is Big! The first to win the game! Greaattt jobbb!!!
Who’s next? It’s Ball! He did it so calmly. Take a look,,, weew, Easy -peasy !!!
Yes! J did it, so calmly. Nice and easy!!! 
Well, this is Ohm! He wasnt successful but he was the COMEDY in the game!!! We did have a super BIG LAUGH!!! Up to now…555555

And of course, if we did highlight the SUPER FUN FACTOR of this week’s activity day, we should not forget as well the classic games that we used to play, here you go:

The hosts, and the Boggles Champs!!! Keep it up guys!

Hope you did have fun reading this, see you next time!


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