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Treat before Tests

As a teacher, we should also know when to be easy-going with our students sometimes. At the same time, we must also be sensitive that students are not robots to do homework and just concentrate with their studies all the time. They also need to let go and have fun even once in a while to ease all the tension before midterm exams. So, I did give my classes a TREAT of their lifetime!

M4/3 playing “This Blows”

And of course M3/12 playing “This Blows” too. In fact, they were super happy that I gave them this special treat considering that in their case everyday is a TEST DAY! So, with this game at least I get to let them feel happy with me.

Finally, we have M1/12 who is already used to activities although this week we got new faces who did the hosting and the games.

So sorry to say that M2/12 were not able to enjoy the fun for this week, but they will have their fun share by next week.


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