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MEP Full House

These are the behind-the-scenes snapshots during the M2/12 football match.


Cheerers from M1/12, M3/12 on the benches to give full support to the athlete.

And of course, MEP’s Big Bosses, chilling on the sidelines.


Who are they watching?


Gotcha! They’re cheering for our M2/12 girls, who obviously hadn’t figure out yet how to pass the ball (5555). Way to go!

And, yeah ! Believe me or not , they lost too! It’s okay girls , better luck next time!




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M2/12 at NMK Pitch

Below is the TEAM’S picture before “KICK-OFF”. img_20170125_173746Just last week we witnessed M2/12 playing against other M2’s from regular program to earn points for their P.E. class. And here are the moments we captured.

Look ! It’s Wave doing his solo run in the middle of the pitch chased and surrounded with 3 members from the opposing team.  As I recall, Wave “The Messi” of M2/12 did dodge them all despite of being outnumbered.  img_20170127_174641

Hey! What do we have here, it’s Kevin dribbling the ball.


Here’s Boom, and Forth rushed to rescue the goalie. Despite of their effort the game ended 1-0 in favor of the opposition.


But, it’s okay, win or lose, First “The CR-7” of M2/12 still did the  “Ronaldo-esque Celebration”.



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“The Making”: M2/12 Video Project

The English Video Project is soon to be submitted and it does have great impact for the English points. However, you might ask , what is so special about this Video Project that it counts big points? And, how will the students do this?

It’s like this: groups got the chance to choose their favorite Thailand Market and they have to make a film introducing the bests of the chosen market. Whats more! They also need to interview by passers, customers, shop owners and others regarding their opinion of the place.

Let’s see how are the groups doing so far with their video project.

Hmmm… it seems like they are quite busy doing the “picture-taking” and “eating” rather than their filming. LOL !!! How about the others, we’ll see what else do we have here?

Looks like they are all busy and tired…I am looking forward to seeing all your video projects! Good luck and May you get Good Points!!!

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M1/12 @ N.Y. Party


It was an awesome Thursday- 5 January 2017! M1/12 were busy carrying their multi-size presents, getting ready with overflowing excitement for the classroom exchanging gifts. And as the school bell rung at Period 8, that is, 2:20 in the afternoon, everybody were motivated and busy arranging the tables and chairs, pizza, fries, fried chicken, shrimp macaroni and desserts. All were laid on the table decorated with the beautifully wrapped gifts lined up on the other edge of the table. Indeed, it was a perfect atmosphere to welcome the New Year in M1/12 classroom.

It was a simple yet full of laughter celebration. We played “musical chairs” including “paper dance- which built good teamwork and bonding among each other. Look below the snaps we took and you can decide about the fun factor!

Paper Dance Winners – Creammy, Chompoo and Kaohom


And of course, the most awaited part…the exchanging of gifts, receiving of surprise gifts and the awarding of the game winners. Everyone was so delighted and did have an awesome time!


Hope that this year of the Rooster will bring us all JOY, HAPPINESS and GOOD HEALTH!

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M.E.P. After New Year

First Wednesday of 2017 and also the first day of “Back to School”. M1/12 kicks off the New Year with “Super Ready” reports. Not only that, all presentations were of catchy slides plus well-practiced presentation. 

F.Y.I. (For Your Information) – Slight changes were made in M1’s reporting format, we spiced it up by adding “Mini-Test”, revised “Oral Reading Style” and reduced the vocabularies. Most importantly, real-life related pictures were also assigned, letting the group to introduce real-life application of the topic report. For starters we have Group 1 and 2.


GROUP 1’s TOPIC: Clothes and Travel

So you’re going to go on a backpacking trip? What are you going to pack? The answer is easy: T-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. You can wear these in most places, but here is useful advice for tourist

Clothing in Thailand is fairly conservative. In Thailand’s temples, visitors need to take off their shoes, and women need to wear blouses that cover the upper part of their arms. If you are going to visit mosques in many Arab countries, you can’t wear shorts, and women need to cover their heads with a scarf. For Saint Peter’s in Rome, visitors can’t wear short shorts, and women need to cover the upper part of their arms

If you are going to hang out with young people, the dress code is very relaxed in most places, including Europe and Japan. Often anything goes”. It’s OK to wear red boots, green stockings, a blue mini-skirt or pants, a yellow shirt, a striped black-and-white tie, and a purple hat!

GROUP 2’s TOPIC: Birthday Celebrations Are Different Around The World

In Vietnam, people celebrate their birthdays on Tet. That is the New Year, and also everyone’s birthdays. The Vietnamese do not keep record of the exact day when children are born. So all babies turns one on Tet, no matter what the date of birth is.

In Japan, a girl’s third and fifth birthdays, and a boys seventh are important. The birthday child wear new clothes. Families go to a shrine and pray for a long life for children. Then there is a feast at the family home

Birthday parties in Mexico usually include a piñata. A piñata is a colorful container, often in the form of an animal or star. It has lots of candy and treats inside. Children take turn sitting the piňata with a stick. When they break the piňata, all the goodies come out.

Many common birthday traditions in the West come from Germany. These include parties and cakes with candles. The birthday person blows out the candles and makes a wish. Everyone sings a birthday song. The birthday person opens presents.

Many people around the world use both old and new customs to make their birthday a special day!