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M1/12 @ N.Y. Party


It was an awesome Thursday- 5 January 2017! M1/12 were busy carrying their multi-size presents, getting ready with overflowing excitement for the classroom exchanging gifts. And as the school bell rung at Period 8, that is, 2:20 in the afternoon, everybody were motivated and busy arranging the tables and chairs, pizza, fries, fried chicken, shrimp macaroni and desserts. All were laid on the table decorated with the beautifully wrapped gifts lined up on the other edge of the table. Indeed, it was a perfect atmosphere to welcome the New Year in M1/12 classroom.

It was a simple yet full of laughter celebration. We played “musical chairs” including “paper dance- which built good teamwork and bonding among each other. Look below the snaps we took and you can decide about the fun factor!

Paper Dance Winners – Creammy, Chompoo and Kaohom


And of course, the most awaited part…the exchanging of gifts, receiving of surprise gifts and the awarding of the game winners. Everyone was so delighted and did have an awesome time!


Hope that this year of the Rooster will bring us all JOY, HAPPINESS and GOOD HEALTH!


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