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“The Making”: M2/12 Video Project

The English Video Project is soon to be submitted and it does have great impact for the English points. However, you might ask , what is so special about this Video Project that it counts big points? And, how will the students do this?

It’s like this: groups got the chance to choose their favorite Thailand Market and they have to make a film introducing the bests of the chosen market. Whats more! They also need to interview by passers, customers, shop owners and others regarding their opinion of the place.

Let’s see how are the groups doing so far with their video project.

Hmmm… it seems like they are quite busy doing the “picture-taking” and “eating” rather than their filming. LOL !!! How about the others, we’ll see what else do we have here?

Looks like they are all busy and tired…I am looking forward to seeing all your video projects! Good luck and May you get Good Points!!!


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