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M2/12 at NMK Pitch

Below is the TEAM’S picture before “KICK-OFF”. img_20170125_173746Just last week we witnessed M2/12 playing against other M2’s from regular program to earn points for their P.E. class. And here are the moments we captured.

Look ! It’s Wave doing his solo run in the middle of the pitch chased and surrounded with 3 members from the opposing team.  As I recall, Wave “The Messi” of M2/12 did dodge them all despite of being outnumbered.  img_20170127_174641

Hey! What do we have here, it’s Kevin dribbling the ball.


Here’s Boom, and Forth rushed to rescue the goalie. Despite of their effort the game ended 1-0 in favor of the opposition.


But, it’s okay, win or lose, First “The CR-7” of M2/12 still did the  “Ronaldo-esque Celebration”.