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Outdoor Science

It was an awesome windvane experience, and I am pretty sure that it is worth sharing! And personally, I was amazed with the products of M1/12.

What I did, was just giving them guidelines on what are the expected output from their windvane projects. After that, each group will present the materials they used as well as the procedure. And the best part, is the windvane test time!

So, the moment we finished our presentations indoor we head to the football pitch of our school and get ready for our windvane test, but before doing so, we had a short meeting on instructions and expected behavior while on the field.


When done, then we got ready to look for best and suitable location within the school’s football pitch to test our D.I.Y. Wind Vanes.


And once they found the best spot, we have to gather and record at least 7 windvane readings.




The sun was out yet it felt just alright. It was really a conducive time to have the outdoor experiment. In conclusion, we really did an awesome windvane experience!



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