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Together, together at EXPO everyone!


Welcome to MEP booth! OUr booth’s theme is MEP towards GLOBAL GOALS!

Global Eco City (background), Bikatuktuk (green eco-vehicle) and Caraclinic (green car)

What’s in our booth! Well, we’ve got our very own MEP Band, ready to sing English songs and a mix of Thai songs. Mind you, this is the second time that they played in NMK-MEP EXPO!

And of course, we got BINGO Games hosted and facilitated by our active and enthusiastic M1 students. It may be their first time to do so and didnt have much time to practice and be oriented on what to do during the EXPO, but they did an AWESOME job! So proud of you all!


Indeed, our visitors did have a memorable BINGO experience in our booth! Great job everyone! Until next time.


English Education Program

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