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S.E.P. Students off to China

March 30, 2017 – SEP students head to Guangzhou, China for a two-week Chinese camp, escorted by T. Gon. The group will be engaged in an intensive Chinese Enhancement Program to be conducted in a prestigious university in Guangzhou. While on study, our S.E.P. students will be exposed to the nation’s language committed to provide them the full experience of getting to know one of Asia’s oldest culture.

Taken at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand: (From Left: Mill, Faye, Sarai,T. Gon, Aun, Mew(at the back), Jam, Namking,  & Ing Lim)


Family, relatives and Teachers: Wishing them all a happy and safe trip!!!


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English Supplementary Activity

NMK-Foreign Language Department conducted an English Supplementary Activity to M3 students to further reinforce the language to the students and at the same time to enhance their language skill. Below are pictures that tell the story of the activity:

Activity 1: Word Search – a treat for our students to have fun while searching for target vocabularies.


Activity 2: Video Aided Vocabulary- look, watch and write the vocabulary that corresponds the pictures in each number.25600313_๑๗๐๓๑๔_0049

Activity 3: Ice Breaker – dancing along with the video aided Chicken Dance to break the monotonous vocabulary activity. 25600313_๑๗๐๓๑๗_0067

Activity 4: Sing-along- students singing to the tune of English songs.


Activity 5: BINGO – students playing with vocabulary BINGO to check familiarization of the learnt vocabulary during the whole activity.

Indeed, it was a wonderful English Supplementary Experience!


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March 05, 2017 –               NMK- Smart English Program Entrance Test and Interview                                                              conducted last Sunday with 31 applicants.

Morning Schedule:             Written Test


Afternoon Schedule: Entrance Interview

Applicants of SEP this year were from: NMK-MEP, NMK-Regular Program, NMK- Science and Gifted Programs and from other schools as well. A total of 31 applicants were present during the entrance interview an hope to get the desired results which will soon be announced on the 10th of March 2017.

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NMK-M.E.P. Entrance Interview

March 4, 2017:       NMK-MEP conducted the Entrance Interview for aspiring Prathom 6                                             students who aimed to earn a spot and be part of the Mini English                                                 Program.

In the morning:      (Written Test)

In the afternoon:      (Entrance English Skill Interview)

Interview Process Includes:                                                                                                                            Oral Reading, Picture Description, Two-Way Conversation and Critical Analysis Questions

The Facilitators

T. Pattama – Head of the Mini English Program, T. Aswana – registration incharge , Ploy (M1/12), Fah (M1/12) , Kaolad (M1/12) and Ming (M1/12) – the useherettes.