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A Prom Night to Remember

Prom party 2016_170401_0043SC Park Hotel – M3/12 heads to SC Park hotel on the night of March 31, 2017 to celebrate the culmination of their MEP Junior years. Beautiful dresses and shining faces glittered and made the simple and humble event more astonishing. Friends, parents and teachers all dressed up humbly to add more sparkle on the Prom Night Celebration. See for yourself!

Prom party 2016_170401_0048Prom party 2016_170401_0046


The night was cheerful for it started with an awesome dinner with a melodious music accompaniment courtesy of a “parent;s friend” . We were all “bellyfull” and having a moment of sweets when the whole cozy evening room began to roar with students live and impromptu karaoke.

Prom party 2016_170401_0036Prom party 2016_170401_0037_0Alas! Hidden singing talents and entertainment factor were discovered and unleashed during that night. Everyone was embellished with all astonishment as all M3/12 not only selected showed their dexterity in many aspects.

We danced and let ourselves out. That once this night, we broke the gap of being in the classroom atmosphere but instead we are all human beings meant to express and let ourselves go. Prince Junior and Princess Kaowtang rocks the night as they were unanimously voted as the shining stars of the evening.

And above all, the night ended joyously with reconciliation, promised friendship, gratitude and love of MEP! The love and pride of being an MEP Alumni! For distance may set us apart for now, together we shall come home, together we shall come back in MEP.

Prom party 2016_170401_0042

We are MEP! We are NMK! We are Family!



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