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“Testing Fats & Glucose” Experiment

M2/12 get the real hands on testing fats in oil and glucose presence in sugar and grape juice. Here we go, let’s get to know more about their experience.


So what interesting thing did we learn?

Well, they concluded that oil does have fats which is obvious. Meanwhile, they said that grape juice has more glucose presence compared to sugar.

Not only that, they discovered that brown sugar contains more glucose than the white sugar.


1496241172595Amazing Science indeed!!! Great job M2/12! 🙂

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First Time Science Activity for M1/12

Wondering what’s in the picture? These are all freshly picked leaves of different shapes, specifically, “Irregular of shapes.

What for? That’s M1/12 plotting these leaves on their graphing paper to calculate its area. Here are some photos from our Science insider.

I think it’s cool and interesting! Hope you did well M1/12!

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M1/12 starts on Speaking Booster Activity

Welcome newcomers, M1/12!

We are just on our Week 2 of Semester 1 but M1/12 already started their English reporting action. They started well for newbies. Let’s see their reporting bits in the classroom!

TOPIC: Famous Sports and Players

Eng Report_170530_0001Eng Report_170530_0004Eng Report_170530_0005Eng Report_170530_0007Eng Report_170530_0010Eng Report_170530_0019Eng Report_170530_0021Eng Report_170530_0022Eng Report_170530_0024Eng Report_170530_0026Eng Report_170530_0030Eng Report_170530_0031

And the verdict is….YES! They did it! Great job M1/12!

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Science Rocks!!!

Well, we get the chance to peep to M2/12 Science classroom. They are doing their Protein Lab Test.


But, what’s it all about? Let’s investigate more.


Ah, I get it now they’re trying to test proteins presence in egg white and table sugar. They said if the solution turns dark purple it means protein is positive while if the solution turns light blue then protein is absent. Hmmm…cool thing indeed!!!

Great job M2!!! Keep it up!

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M1 Diaries

Welcome M1/12 to MEP!

For this week’s Best Diaries in M1/12, let’s give a round of applause to Gift and Kaning!!!


Congratulations to both of you!!! Great job!!!

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Reporting is so Back in Action!!!

It’s back to reporting time here in M2/12 English classroom! Time to sharpen and polish more our English speaking skills with our assigned groups. First topic to discuss in class is about the different “national costumes” of the different countries all over the world.


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MEP-SEP joined NMK-Independent Studies

What a start!!! M3/12 Science Project Team!!! They’re back on stage with their Gold Medal Awardee “Moringa Project”.


(Tam, Well and Earn on board showing off their Moringa Project on NMK-IS stage.)


Next up on stage, is the M6/3 (Mill, Namking, & Benz) on their Waste Segregation Project presentation.


What’s more! We got M2/12 (Ohm, AIm and Fah) too, with their Independent study about “Acne-control Treatment for youngsters!


Not only that, we have History Independent Study too from Pond, First and CHareef. They presented some historical facts about Europe.

Looking forward for more entry on Independent Studies next time! Kudos!