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Foreign Teachers at Semester’s Opening

Back to school! Back to the classroom! Welcome all to the new semester with the new team of Foreign teachers. Let’s meet them all!

This is Teacher Daniel. He’s from Poland. He likes Mr. Chicken! And he teaches English in our school.


We also have Teacher James, he said you can also call him “James Bond”! He is from England and he is teaching English in M1’s to M6’s.


And, this is Teacher Jospehine. She’s from the Philippines. She teaches Math and English. And guess what, she sings very well!

Next, let’s meet Teacher Kezhang, she’s from Bhutan. She is funny and friendly. She teaches English in our school.

And, here is Teacher Jeffrey, he’s from the Philippines. He teaches Computer, English and Math. He is kind and friendly too.

The last but not the least is Teacher Atif. He teaches Science in MEP classes. He said Science is so interesting and fun!

Now, we all know our NMK-Foreign Teachers! Don’t forget to say hi , hello when you meet them! Don’t be shy and say hi!


English Education Program

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