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First Time Science Activity for M1/12

Wondering what’s in the picture? These are all freshly picked leaves of different shapes, specifically, “Irregular of shapes.

What for? That’s M1/12 plotting these leaves on their graphing paper to calculate its area. Here are some photos from our Science insider.

I think it’s cool and interesting! Hope you did well M1/12!

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M1/12 starts on Speaking Booster Activity

Welcome newcomers, M1/12!

We are just on our Week 2 of Semester 1 but M1/12 already started their English reporting action. They started well for newbies. Let’s see their reporting bits in the classroom!

TOPIC: Famous Sports and Players

Eng Report_170530_0001Eng Report_170530_0004Eng Report_170530_0005Eng Report_170530_0007Eng Report_170530_0010Eng Report_170530_0019Eng Report_170530_0021Eng Report_170530_0022Eng Report_170530_0024Eng Report_170530_0026Eng Report_170530_0030Eng Report_170530_0031

And the verdict is….YES! They did it! Great job M1/12!