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NMK: Blood Donation Day (by: Pueng M6/3)

6th of June 2017 – Blood Donation activity was conducted at NMK school hall facilitated by the Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital staffs. This activity is held every year for students and teachers to donate blood.

To donate blood, students must ask permission from their parents. Also, there are certain requirements that students should strictly follow in order to be a blood donor. In fact, an accompanying doctor from the facilitators made sure that all donated blood is in good condition. Several tests were done before commencing the process.


To mention, young students will normally donate  350-370 cc of blood. As for the adults, like teachers 400cc or more is standard. It is said that only 50% of B+ blood type is found in Thailand. And it is very rare to find AB- here in Thailand. Apart from all this the students and teachers that were here to donate blood seemed to be happy and excited. Everyone was happy to donate blood and to save someone’s life, if necessary.



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