PLC (Professional Learning Community)

(Content Contributed by: Teacher Supat Pareporn)

11 July 2017 –  PLC (Professional Learning Community) Process conducted at NMK’s school hall. This activity served as the general meeting  of the NMK teachers to discuss and tackle specific school problems and generate solutions from the majority.


In the case of the Foreign Language Department, members of the FLD Team chose the perennial problem of M1 students weakness in reading and writing English. As to this, we presented by finding the underlying reasons within the Thai teachers i.e. lack of enthusiasm to integrate interactive classroom techniques and came up with the solution, for example, providing mentors opportunity for educational training, develop useful and educational medias, friendly observation in the classroom and team collaboration to discuss the problems about teaching. Without forgetting to give and accept helpful criticism. All of these, we believe that we can gradually fix the problem.

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