Day 3 of the Science Day Celebration: MEP students gathered into the crowd of students listening to the Energy Mind Award Exhibit conducted by the Metropolitan Electricity Authority held at the NMK’s school conference hall. The exhibit displayed 4 booths i.e. Water Saving Station Exhibit, Air-con Station, Waste Management Station and the Other Appliances Station, all the aforementioned stations aimed to educate NMK students the daily appliance and daily that one should do in order to save energy and at the same time, live healthy.

S__11411691Day 2 (Afternoon) of Science Celebration: Palm of M2/12 joined in “Glider Competition”

Day 2 (Afternoon) of Science Celebration: King and Toe of M1/12 had the luxury to join a techy-training of “Robotics/Robot Programming” courtesy of Occupational Technology Department. 

Below are the mix’ n’ photos of the back to back actions of M1/12.

Day 2 (Morning) of Science Celebration: The battle of Science knowledge, participated by M1/12, M2/12 and M3/12. The quiz is composed of three rounds: Elimination round, Picture Description and the Knock-out round. Here are the winners of the Science Quiz Bee.

Science Champs #1

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0022
(Pond, Aim and Bella)

Science Champs #2

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0020
(Well, Paint and Stamp)

Science Champs #3

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0035
(Tam, Kaolad and Ploy)

Well done Science Champs of 2017! But wait up, let’s take a look as well the whole teams and such.

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0027

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0042

MEP Students joined on Day 1 of Science Celebration: Integrating fashion by using recyclable and re-use materials symbolizing the care for environment, the care for our Mother Earth. 

(Arpo of M1/12)
Ming of M2/12
Jinny of M3/12
Pang of M1/12 joined in Arpo in the Talent Showcase of Fancy Re-use


Great job all for your superb creativity and design!

Kaolad ranks Top 2 in Storytelling Competition


Storytelling contestant Kaolad of M2/12 is through to the next round of EP/MEP Academic Skills Competition. Ranked as top 2 among 27 contestants Kaolad shall continue to compete for regionals. Congratulations and good luck to the next phase. We are proud of you!

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