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Inter-MEP Quiz Bee

Day 2 (Morning) of Science Celebration: The battle of Science knowledge, participated by M1/12, M2/12 and M3/12. The quiz is composed of three rounds: Elimination round, Picture Description and the Knock-out round. Here are the winners of the Science Quiz Bee.

Science Champs #1

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0022
(Pond, Aim and Bella)

Science Champs #2

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0020
(Well, Paint and Stamp)

Science Champs #3

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0035
(Tam, Kaolad and Ploy)

Well done Science Champs of 2017! But wait up, let’s take a look as well the whole teams and such.

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0027

Science Quiz Bee_170816_0042


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