MEP students visited Skeleton Park and enjoyed skeleton collections and others in the park.


What’s more! When skeleton park was done, they all were so in for a treat for they get the chance to enjoy the winter moments, check this out!


And the finale, “The DreamWorld Adventure”!


Group Picture (Photo Credits: @T. Jeb #GoPro @T. Arm)

NMK Students and Teachers all packed and on board 9 buses, visited the scorching place of Supahn Buri for the “Dragon Museum Experience”.


Upon arrival, we first broke the ice with another awesome group picture on the front stairs of the museum’s entrance.


And here we are before waiting in the museum’s lounge and before entering the Dragon’s Dungeon and bits of re-enacted miniatures depicting history and such.

Behind-and-on-the-scene Moments:


The Storytelling Glory

Rise up and put your hands high as we cheer for Kaolad of M2/12 who successfully completed the conquest of the EP/MEP Storytelling Competition until the final round. Finishing at number 4 spot earning GOLD MEDAL award!


Congratulations Kaolad, congratulations MEP, congratulations NMK!

First MEP Science Project In-House Competition 2017

This day marked the first MEP Science Project competition participated by all M3/12 students. Here are the best of the bits.

The Winner (1st)

Group 4 (Boom, Mai, Muang, Amy and Blessing in their Electromagnetic Train)

The Runner Ups


 (2nd Placer – Group 2 Tam, Chompoo, Nina, Aim and First in their D.I.Y Van de Graaff)


(3rd Place – Group 1 Pond, Aum, Beam, Ploy and Oak in their Lights from Kinitec Fans)

The Other Participants

Behind the Scenes


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