Rise up and put your hands high as we cheer for Kaolad of M2/12 who successfully completed the conquest of the EP/MEP Storytelling Competition until the final round. Finishing at number 4 spot earning GOLD MEDAL award!


Congratulations Kaolad, congratulations MEP, congratulations NMK!

The Storytelling Glory

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First MEP Science Project In-House Competition 2017

This day marked the first MEP Science Project competition participated by all M3/12 students. Here are the best of the bits.

The Winner (1st)

Group 4 (Boom, Mai, Muang, Amy and Blessing in their Electromagnetic Train)

The Runner Ups


 (2nd Placer – Group 2 Tam, Chompoo, Nina, Aim and First in their D.I.Y Van de Graaff)


(3rd Place – Group 1 Pond, Aum, Beam, Ploy and Oak in their Lights from Kinitec Fans)

The Other Participants

Behind the Scenes