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MEP Toured SeaLife and KidZania


8 November 2017 – All MEP students head to Siam Paragon to spend a day tour i.e. Sea Life Adventures in the morning and KidZania in the afternoon. The whole of  MEP arrived at the destination safely. Upon arrival the whole of the group lounged at the entrance area of the establishments because we are too “early birds” that Sea Life was still closed.   While waiting, students were writing on their travel booklet and scanning on the tasks that they have to complete after the tour.

Momentarily, Sea Life staffs greeted and led us down to the Sea Life entrance. Proper briefing and introductions were given by the staffs and they even handed their own colorful booklets for students’ guide and reference. In short, the whole Sea Life journey was awesome and students truly enjoyed watching the variety of sea creatures.

 And we continued the fun, as another staffs accompanied us in taking the so called VIP elevator for our group to head to Siam Paragon’s 5th floor where KidZania is located. Following the KidZania’s SOP students were briefed and given the KidZania bracelet where you get to wear for the whole duration of your stay in the KidZania City. If students had the picture of scenic sea creatures in KidZania our MEP studes got the chance to work in different fields and like adults they did earn their KidZo salaries where they can exchange to some items.

A whole day of fun with a whole day of experience. Until next time!


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