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More of MEP-SEP Eng-Camp 2018

Its another day with more of the updates from MEP-SEP Camp at Moment Villa Resort, Rayong. We’ve got pool time party for our students where everybody got the chance to dip into the cool water. From the wondrous water actions of our students…

To the watchful teachers of English Navigator who were chilling on their cozy inflatables sofa by the pool….

English Camp (2)_๑๘๐๑๑๕_0025

Down to the mellow and relaxing Songkran Theme of both the students and the teachers….

To mention the interactive moments of the students, having some refreshing time but without forgetting learning. For instance, group work for all!

By the way, the camp was not only all about fun and happy moments. In fact, it was also added with a memorable and sentimental students’ bonding which was a bit teary… but it felt good.

Well, its been said before, MEP-SEP is like a one big family. And like any other family, there will always be a moment of tear and joy. Yet, in the end we will remain as one big happy FAMILY. And for that you all deserve an award! Here you go!

And for the finale, everybody had the Frost Moments which definitely cheered up the MEPians and SEPians!





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