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March 10, 2018 – An interview was conducted for the upcoming MEP freshman. In the morning, written test was given to the applicants followed by an interview in the afternoon. Now let’s check this out:

Step 1: Aspirants waited in NMK’s library and registered with T. Cash for their cue numbers for the interview.

Step 2: They will be called on a one on one hot seat interview with T. Jeb and T. Ize along with the supervision of T. Pattama.

Step 3: During the interview, applicants will be asked a simple conversation to warm them up and set their mind for the activity.


Step 4: In this part of the interview, applicants will be asked to choose and describe one picture. This way, evaluators will measure the lexical resource and sentence usage of the applicant through picture description. S__6692960

Step 5: Another part of the test is the oral reading. In this part of the test, teacher evaluators will measure applicants mastery and fluency in reading the passages from the Aim High Textbook. Follow-up questions were asked too. S__6692958S__6692962

It was indeed a very exciting process! Well, that sums-up the whole MEP Interview Process 2018 with 45 applicants. We hope to see you and study with you soon! Good luck!


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