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SEP Entrance A.Y. 2018

March 11, 2018 – NMK School administered the screening process for aspiring M 4 (Grade 10) students of Smart English Program or S.E.P.

The process included a written test which was conducted in the morning and followed by an entrance interview with the current Foreign Teachers. See the steps of the process below:

Initially, the applicants were grouped in two i.e. applicants coming from NMK Mini-English Program and applicants coming from non-MEP.


For NMK-MEP applicants, interview includes: Part 1 -Picture Description – these pictures depicts social issues that needs to be unlock. It is then the task of the applicants to identify what issues are being shown and offer a solution.


The second part of the test, a speaking cue card were given to the applicants. On the cue cards were series of sequenced questions and must be answered coherently.

Meanwhile, the other group of applicants have a different sequence of the test. In the Non-MEP group, they are asked to describe a certain picture using as many sentences as they can. Also, they are asked to read short passages from M4 textbook which is the New World.


The whole activity went well and ended smoothly. Let’s wait and see on who will be the new faces of M4/3.



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