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🇯🇵 Harry Potter Adventure

One of the amenities provided by British Hills is the cloak resembling Harry Potter. And we were lucky to be provided with one for we got the chance to wear it and feel like it was in the movie.

Not only that, we dine in the refectory which added more to the spice.

Take note, dining in is one of the best of the many bests because it feels like a festive atmosphere.

Therefore, dining in British Hills is always grand and festive.

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Welcome to British Hills

After a long and winding road we finally arrived at our destination, the British Hills, the 🇬🇧 on top of Fukushima. Upon our entrance, we are awed with the terrific and beautiful view of the area. See for yourself.

As we entered we saw the galant walkway covered in white and all of us uttered our wows as we saw the British Hills staff lined in row waiting for our arrival with a waiving and welcoming smile.

Right then, we deposited our bags and head for the group by group check-in and orientation.

We were also welcomed by the British Hills director who gave us his welcome speech, which in return we gave him a token of appreciation.

Afterwards, we head on to the Manor Tour which we got the chance to look around the 👑 and 👑 style bedrooms.

As we finished the arrival activities we completed it with our own version of pose by the snow.

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🇯🇵 Journey Going to Fukushima

As we got on the bus we head to British Hills Fukushima. On the road we stopped for breakfast.

And right after the meal, we moved on to our next stop where we learned to make Daruma Dolls along with the Japanese teachers.

They taught us the step by step way of painting the Daruma Doll.

Not only that, they even emphasized the importance of drying off the Daruma.

After drying, the drawing of the 👁‍🗨 comes next but they said before drawing the eye the painter must make a wish, then begin drawing the left eye of the Daruma.

And if your wish will come true then you get to paint the right 👁‍🗨 of the Daruma. It was indeed an incredible experience for all of us.