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British Hills Closing Ceremony

On the last day of our stay in British Hills, administrators and staff prepared a ceremony for all of us in order to recognize our students’ active participation as well as the support of the accompanying teachers and parent. Not only that, during this ceremony students who made an excellent performance in the speech skills were also recognized like as follows;

Tam “The Steve Jobs” who talked about “Cancer’.

Pond “The Elon Musk”  who made the comparison between “Human & Robots”.

Jinny “The Newscaster” who explained the causes of ‘Obesity”.

Poosila “The Cool Protege” who boasted on “The Making of his Science Project”.

In addition, certificates were also awarded to the rest of the group followed by the exchange of “Gratitude” from both parties the “NMK & British Hills”. The warm welcome they have shown was remarkable and flawless and they did perform a great job in every aspect of the program.

Thank you so much British Hills and hope to see you again in the upcoming NMK International Journey. 


English Education Program

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