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Ten-ei Village

Hello Ten-ei Village! The home of very welcoming people and the place with fun treasure. What did we do here? Oh! Too many to mention, but let’s try to sum it up by starting from the snow mountains of Ten-ei Ski Resort.

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0106

We started by taking on the open cable ride to go uphill of the starting line for the snowboarding trail. Upon reaching our superb snowboard instructor gave us a short instruction on what to do with the activity. As starters, we line up in group and five snowboarders at a time to go snowboard down the track.


Well, we noticed that while snowboarding, your leg and body angle is very important. Your body should be 90 degrees from the snowboard so the control of your speed will be easier. However, if you want to speed up you can lie down making your body at 180 degrees angle. Doing this, you must beware not to hit the snowboarders ahead of you, worst of all hit the tree. The snowboarding part is super awesome and cool. Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0045Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0057

After the cool snowboarding experience, everybody was hungry so we gathered altogether inside the resort and sat near the fireplace to warm ourselves and warm our stomachs with the most delicious noodles.

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0131

When our meals are all done and stomachs are all full, the ski resort staff prepared a snow game for us. The objective of the game is to estimate and put in a plastic bag at least 1 kilogram of snow, whoever will be successful will of course bring home a wonderful prize courtesy of Ten-ei Ski Resort.

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0116Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0120

Everyone was happy, and this memory of hospitality from Ten-ei people, the warm welcome and the exchange of culture will always be in our hearts. Thank you and until we meet again!

Ten-Ei Ski Resort_๑๘๐๓๓๐_0001


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