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Let’s Meet the M1/12!!!

Semester 1 Academic Year 2018: Another year with new MEP comers. And for this year, we have got 34 fresh M1/12. Let’s welcome and see them in their first Science group work.

Hmmm, well it seems like they are busy and quite serious with what they are doing?

And, i think they are also trying to cooperate well with the members of their group. Teamwork!

Awesome! Teachers are in fact impressed with their performance in their new MEP activities. So excited to see more of their progress if they keep all well throughout the year!

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M2/12 Science Experiment Jump-start

Semester 1 Academic Year 2018: M2/12 geared on their white coats as they group worked on Impressive Science Starch and Fats Experiment.

For the record, M2/12 holds the record of the highest classroom population for all MEPians this year.

That means this year the class has more groups. And hoping to have more fun learning.

In fairness, M2/12 did show good behavior progress and impressive class performance. Keep doing the good work M2’s.

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MEP English Kick-starter!!!

Semester 1 of Academic Year 2018: What’s new! The new MEP Seniors (M3/12) started the first week with an impromptu group reporting.


What’s the topic about? ” Somebody is Watching You?”


What’s new about this activity? Well, separating from our usual way of preparing reports at home, this semester around all groups must cooperate, prepare and present the report in class and in allowed time only. Pretty hectic huh!


Yet, it turned out to be awesome. In fact, groups are more productive and tasks were divided equally.


Way to go M3/12! Keep up the good work!