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Weekly Dose of M3/12 Group Reporting

Impromptu Group Reporting – The new trend in our MEP 3/12 classroom. It has become part of the M3/12 routine to do the impromptu group reporting every week. This English classroom dose will help students to develop their speed in designing paper presentation about the given topic.

Not only that, this will also encourage teamwork in every group  and avoid dependence from one member. With the  activity’s target which is to evaluate the level of  the passage comprehension of the group it would be now very easy for students to relate to the reading passage. At the same time, good for teachers too, because teachers can clearly see and monitor the group performance of the group and its member. In this case, the teacher can clearly evaluate student’s contribution of the activity.

But most importantly, it will help the students to develop quick thinking, organizing and designing which is necessary for them in every way.


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