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Visiting Siam Niramit


Where are we going today? Hop in because MEP students will be visiting Siam Niramit- Bangkok.  Let’s go and check what activities are they enjoying inside!

Woohhh! First stop, feeding the elephants with cucumber. Great start! Just a quick trivia for you, did you know that elephants are vegetarian! If you don’t, now you just know! But, hmmm, where are the others!

Here they are! Gotcha! Playing some booth games. Good stuff! Let’s stroll more on what the others are up to.


Oh, here they are inside a Thai traditional village. In here you get to see, traditional houses with willows and bamboo stuffs. What’s more a mini lake where you get to feed the fishes. Feels like a refreshing countryside atmosphere!


And hey, others are also enjoying a friendly group chat by the shade! Awesome. And not only that, here’s more of some girl’s bit!

8401Siam Niramit_181116_0008Siam Niramit_181116_0007Siam Niramit_181116_0002

What a sight we have there! Oops, time to head to the theater. Let’s go and see what to expect in there.



Super wow! Million thumbs up! Students enjoying a spectacular Siam Niramit Show on their comfy red chairs. What’s more! A cameo from our very own MEP 2/12 student! Its more than what we expected. This trip as a whole is a Super 5 stars on everything!



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